I Wanna Talk About Love...

  Other than writing to my airman and school I coach a 16 an under volleyball team, as most women know at 16 you tend to be a little boy crazy, it's when you start dating and eventually get a boyfriend. Then you go through the typical relationship status points as you date, the longer you go the more you start to like each other. In most cases he'll dump her or she'll dump him, then comes the break up and the tears, the new pains of heart break and so on and forth. Well one of my girls had this problem today only to come to me, with tear filled eyes she told me why she needed an extra few minutes getting changed and why she showed up so late. I told her she had 10 minutes and to leave the drama off the court. She disappeared into the locker room, I could hear the other girls talking, they were obviously a little hurt by my lack of compassion. Here was their friend who had just had her heart broken and she wanted a little sympathy from her coach. When she appeared back into the gym her eyes were red and her hair was a mess, she looked at her friends and they rallied around her. I had to do something this was an event that would cause her to not work as hard during practice not to mention bring the other girls down. I called her over, *Molly* I said, "I know you're hurting right now, that you two have been together for quite some time now and it is going to hurt as time goes by before it gets any better." She nodded her head in understanding but I could see she was ready to cry again, I placed one hand on her shoulder, "it's tough, you'll get through it, and I know you're a strong girl. Keep your head up and you'll be fine." She ran back onto the court and joined her team, in every drill I ran I could see her eyes clear, she was starting to become angry, again I pulled her aside. "*Mol, you're mad I can see it, use your anger, if it keeps you killing the ball like this keep on going." The night continued, I watched as she gained kill after kill, her passing had never been better, her hits were dead on each and every time. It was then that I knew she would be alright. Practice ended at 6 as it usually did, I thanked the girls for their hard work, as I was packing my things to leave I saw a couple of the girls talking to *Molly* I saw her face sink from a smile to a look of pain, I continued to pack my things when she came over surrounded by her friends and team mates. "Coach Kris?" she said sheepishly, "I'm sorry I was such a pain when I came into the gym today." I told her it was nothing and I would see her tomorrow, that was when one of the other girls stepped forward, "she didn't know about Don coach." I turned towards them all, *Molly* had tears in her eyes again, "I know this is hard for me, but I couldn't imagine being where you are right now." I laughed to hide the tears I could feel welling in my eyes. "Girls please, I'm fine and I will be fine, he's safe and sound working hard right now to be a soldier and to support his country. Don't worry about me, I'm a toughie I can get through it." They walked away from me each one of them touching my back as if to say they could see right through the tough exterior that I was portraying to them on the court. I waved good-bye to the other two coaches and walked to my car, the cold wind caught me off guard and caused me to drop my keys, when I picked them up I saw the sun setting. I quickly fumbled to unlock my car and sat down, I let the tears fall. I knew that they could see me now as they walked in clumps to their parents cars. I wiped the tears from my eyes and put on my sunglasses as if to try and hide the fact that I had been crying. I turned on the car and music blared from the speakers, I knew that if they could see through me then the rest of the world would. As I drove the lonely drive home I let the tears fall, each cigarette seemed to burn quicker than the last.

As I pulled into my driveway I saw the lights on in the house, I remembered that I had left lights on since I didn't like coming home to an empty house, let alone a dark one. My mother arrived home shortly after that, she saw me sitting on the couch, she came over and sat down next to me taking me into her arms. "How was practice?" I looked up at her and with tear filled eyes I had only one answer, "I miss him mom, so much." She held me tighter to her and tried to comfort me, I was trying to keep composure but as I sat there in her arms I couldn't hold it in anymore, I let everything go. Now here I am, I'm trying to calm myself and writing here really seems to help me. Knowing that someone has gone through these same break downs, and same pains helps me even more. Again thank you for everything and reading what I have to say. It's just to hard to think that I have yet another 8 weeks before I get to see him again, not to mention I'm still waiting on that first letter. Fingers crossed that it comes soon.  

donspanda31 donspanda31
22-25, F
Mar 3, 2009