Pretending Is the Hardest Part.

  It was Thursday which means going to my airman's parents house and having dinner to have the family together. I got to the house early and no one was home yet, I sat in the dining room like I usually do. As I sat there I saw the letters from Don to his parents, I walked over to them and picked all four of them up. I decided that it couldn't really hurt to go through them since well, I didn't think it would be anything that they wouldn't tell me. As I began opening each one I read the name on the card, it was to his dad. I read it and saw the connections he made, then I read a line saying that I was a great girl, and that he missed me, for his dad to keep an eye on me and take care of me" I laughed and looked at the next one, it was addressed to everyone nothing out of the ordinary, told them all that I needed to be called and asked to come up as often as possible. I then saw the last two, one was to his sister and the other was to everyone, not really caring about the one to everyone I opened the one to his sister. I wasn't even half way through  when I saw it, "in the next letter I will enclose a check, please use it to buy Krista an engagement ring, I want to propose after I walk off the bomb run, don't tell her or let her know. Make sure it's white gold and it has a nice size diamond, spend between 800-1200$ on it, have mom help if you need it, and PLEASE don't tell her I want it to be a surprise." I broke down right there in the living room, there was my dream in writing. He wants to marry me,and he's going to do it at graduation. I couldn't be more excited, I had to pretend and make it seem like I never read the letters, everything that they said to me I pretended like it was new. I sat there and listened to them tell me everything he wrote and his sister sat quietly, when her mom left the room she looked at me and said "can I have some little sister to big sister time?" (she's 18 by the way) I told her sure and we talked about two guys who liked her and she not knowing what to do. It was after when we finished the conversation that she quickly threw in, "do you know what size ring you wear?" I looked at her puzzled and said "no, why?" and she quickly blurted out exactly what don didn't want her to, saying that he wanted her to pick out a ring. I smiled and told her I already knew the one that I wanted. I pulled it up on the internet and she laughed, "guess I hafta wait for the check now huh?" and I laughed, I've been smiling ever since I can't believe our dreams are finally happening, it's wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. My fingers are crossed and my heart is wound tighter than a bow string but I couldn't be happier. 

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Awww I'm so excited for you hun! I wish you both the best. That's so adorable :)

Bless, Congrats...Thats super exciting and I bet you can't wait. x