Do Other Couples Not Realize How Lucky They Are?! (vent)

I know that I write on here a lot, but the fact is that it's just infuriating to go out with my friends right now. It started out normal enough, I was sitting at home reading over the letters I had just got that morning and crying when my phone rang. I hid the tears and pretended to be bored and watching TV, it was a close friend of mine asking if I wanted to come over and hang out for awhile, she said she knew that I was home alone that she had just driven past and seen only my car in the driveway, I laughed and agreed, I told her I just had to get dressed. I had been in the same shirt and boxers for two days now. I ran upstairs frowned as I looked in the mirror at my swollen red eyes and quickly threw on my make up. I slid on a pair of jeans that were already to big but I didn't think it would matter considering we were just hanging out. I put his shirt on the edge of the bed like he always did and walked downstairs to get my shoes on. As I grabbed my bag and keys I looked around for my sunglasses to try and hide some of the red in my eyes. 

As I parked I saw her sister was there and so was her girlfriend (she's a lesi by the way) I walked up the stairs and knocked on the apt. door. She yelled out that the door was open and to come on in. I came in and was greeted by the normal hugs and kisses that I always received when I came into their house. I sat down on the couch and lit up a cigarette, conversation went on as usual, "how are you?" "what have you been up to?" I answered each with the usual, fine, bored, lonely. I sat back in the sofa and watched as they surfed the net laughing to each other, I looked around and didn't think twice. As the night went on we talked about everything that was going on as normal, it was then that the rest of the group showed up. I wasn't aware that hanging out meant going out or meaning that others were coming with us, I sat quietly on the couch I listened to them all talk, more like ramble about their issues and hair problems, nails that needed filled, and boyfriends and girlfriends that never call or don't return texts. I started to become anxious, I lit another cigarette,  it was then that one of the girls noticed that I was fidgeting to put my lighter away, "you okay girl?" she asked me thinking I'd just brush it off with an okay. I stood up almost shaking the small coffee table that was in front of me, "I'm fine, just sick and tired of hearing about how all of you haven't talked to your boyfriend or your crushes in o what 2 hours, 2 days! You wanna try something you say good bye to him, know that he will be so far from you that there is no way to see him unless you fly to see him, then take away his cell phone, his ability to text and call, give him a pen and paper and only a few short minutes a day to write, then you wait weeks on end to receive those letters, you deal with it then you can come to me and talk about missing him!!" I stormed out of the room and into the spare bedroom. I could hear them all calling me a ***** and talking about the drama"" that I had just unleashed, thankfully I had 3 people who decided that they were above all of that and stepped in for me. I heard on explain why I had the outburst and shame on them for saying what they did. She explained that they have no idea what I'm going through and how dare them think I was just doing it for attention. 

That was when K and her sister walked into the room, "you okay babe?" they asked in unison the one thing that always made me laugh. I looked up at them, "you tell me? the man of my dreams is as far as possible from my heart right now and they're out there complaining about going one day, ONE DAY, without talking or texting their boyfriends. Do you know what I would do just to be able to talk to him right now?!" The nod was again in unison, I knew that though neither of them had any idea as to what I was going through but they knew one thing, I was in pain and they needed to help. I thanked them for having me over but I wanted to be alone again. I left their house and drove the short distance back to mine. As I pulled into the drive way I noticed that there was a warm breeze in the already cooling night air. I looked into the sky and smiled, because the one thing I knew, he was looking into the same sky as me, and I was okay.

  I really just can't stand these girls who think that going one day without talking to their man is a big deal, I mean I used to get bent out of shape to but I was never in break down mode over it. I watch them as they yell into a voicemail about what a freaking *bleeping bleep* he is and how he should never call her again only to wind up calling him crying two minutes later. I left a message on his voicemail last night, I told him that I loved him, that I needed him, and he was my everything. I told him nothing was right unless I was with him and nothing feels right when he's not here. I guess I shouldn't flip on every girl that I hear yelling into a phone, or crying to a friend that her boyfriend doesn't love her anymore because he hasn't called in a day, or an hour in one case last night. I just don't want to have them trying to cry to me, because I have them beat every time, and all they are doing is causing me to become more and more angry with each tear that they shed. 


*one of the girls was crying over the fact that her boyfriend had called to tell her that he couldn't pick her up that night, I turned and said "I'd give anything for a phone call right  now," she handed me her phone like here call, I laughed and said "who am I supposed to call, the red cross?! hello, this is his girlfriend, I'm suffering from sever depression and missing him, may I please speak to him?!" we all had a good laugh over that one though. 


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Hun we all know exactly what you're talking about. It takes a certain kind of girl to be in a relationship with a military man. No one truly understands what it's like to live one day at a time wondering when you'll get the next phone call...or when you'll finally be able to be in his loving embrace again. You're definately right though. There are a lot of girls out there who need to realize how lucky they truly are.