Good Day Bad Day

It seems that with each good day is followed by a bad day. Saturday was amazing it was the first time I got to talk to him on the phone in what seems like forever, I couldn't stop crying and most of the time all I could say was I love you and I miss you but we did manage to get some things talked about though he was being rushed since I guess there were other guys waiting to use the phone. I spent all the rest of Saturday smiling and actually managed to get some sleep that night and sleep until 1 the next day, (I haven't actually slept since he left on the 24th of Feb.) It was a nice and deep sleep to, anyways, Sunday was normal, no mail meant no chance of letters, but I was sure to get some out there to be picked up today. I marked my chart and saw that we had made it into week 3 already, time seems to be going a little faster, though still not fast enough if you ask me. I then settled in to hopefully fall asleep since I started back to school again today. It wasn't happening, again I had to call his voicemail, then write him a letter and by 4am I was finally falling asleep. Today I thought would be better, I knew that there was a chance of a letter, I knew that I had things to keep me busy all day, but waking up at 7am and not falling asleep until 4am was really hard considering we lost an hour recently. I rolled over and though I wanted to hit snooze I was already awake and grumbled through my morning routine. After I was out of class I came home and took a nap because I was so tired. I managed to get a few hours of sleep and when I woke up I had to run to get to practice, considering I'm the only assistant coach that has to run a practice because the head coach had to take another job, I had to be there no matter what. So I arrived with 10 minutes to spare, as usual my girls all came and surrounded me and wanted to have their girl time, their 16 mind you. They all had questions because they all know that my boyfriend or well, the team boyfriend had left for basic training and they all were worried about me, they loved that he had called and wanted to know when the wedding was, they even asked if they would be invited, I had to laugh. Jen who is this lanky thing with the silliest personality, was the first to tell me how excited she was, the rest followed after quickly. I'm thrilled to say the getting a phone call then letters made everything that much better, I had gotten the letters Saturday morning and Saturday night at 7 I got my phone call making the day as I said amazing!! Well thank you for reading my story, I guess I have to hope that tomorrow is a better day and that there is something that makes it a good one because I have nothing to do except clean.

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We all have our good days.....and the kind of days where u just don't see how ur gonna force urself to get out of bed and put a smile on ur face. It's hard but the good days definately make it all worth it. It's the best feeling in the world to hear ur man's voice :) Stay strong hun! You will get through this and I'll always be here for you. I love hearing about how you're doing :)