How Are All You Girls Doing?

I know it been awhile since i have talked to you girls. matt and i got an apartment together and he bought me a teacup chihuahua for valentines day, i am wondering what i will get tomorrow, cuz its my birthday! he recovered fast from being discharged, which i was so thankful for. he still has bad dreams that he is back at BMT  and wakes up breathing really hard or in sweats. he kinda scared me the other night cuz we went to burger king at about 1 am on st patty's and there was 4 air force guys waiting for food in their hum  mer and we were right beside them and he talked to them and then just got really pissed off about the air force stuff, but then realized that it wasn't for him and he was proud of those men and all the other ones that made it through. 

 but other than that, how are you girls doing, how are your men? any exciting news?

hope all is well and they are all healthy and going great!

<3 lyndsey! :)

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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

aw. congrats to him! my dad is a volunteer fire fighter, he'll like it. have fun in college. i cant wait to finally graduate hs. take care!

we haven't really started planning. we know it will be about 2 years or so until we get married. we are going to finish our first 2 years of college and then get married. so we will probably start planning in a few months. matt might go to school to be a firefighter, i am looking forward to see how that goes!

hey. so hows the planning for the wedding? me and shaun are doing great. hes excelling in farsi classes and hes having a good time on base. for me, im busier than ever and i wish i wasnt. haha. i just cant wait for the summer