He's My Airman, I'm His Princess

The names Melissa, and my airman is Chris.

We have been dating since 2006, i was 15, he was 16.  Met him threw my ex from a police accadmy his best friend and I attended, he was also chris' best friend.  They are still good friends.  Chris and I have been threw thick and thin, and we are still going strong.

So on December 21, 2008 my daddy passed away from a heart attack in my front yard, chris was right by my side trying the best way he could to keep a smile on my face.

Then febuary 9th chris left for boot camp.  Right before he left he gave me a necklace that was in the shape of a key and it reads "An Airman Holds The Key To My Heart" Being so numb from loosing my first love (my daddy), I havn't felt too much pain from having chris be gone for 8 weeks.  He is currently on his 7th week, and i head down to see him graduate April 8th.

I love him so much, and want to spend the rest of our lives together(call me crazy because we are so young, I will be 18 in May, He'll be 19 June).  I am thinking about joining the airforse, too.  Not only to spend more time with him, but because i was always interested in some type of military.

I know you have to be married to live together in the air forse, but what about engaged?

I miss him so much and I'm not ready to loose another important man in my life.

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omg im so excited...it would have been cool if they graduated together lol...haha the girlfriends talk and the boyfriends are gettin there ***** kicked...it would have been funny to meet up and have them be best friends lol

awahh thanks...i want this relationship so bad, i love him so much!!!im so excited 9 more days till i see him graduate bootcamp lol

Well you could get engaged and then move to the same town as him once he is all settled and then he could live both on base and off base. x

haha chris told me that if i joined the air forse he would marry me lol...and i want that dam dimond lol...i hope the engaged thing is a-ok, cause my mom would flip out if i got married at 18 lol...its soo stupid that we cant live with them, they treat us like little kids...no kissin, no holding hands, etc...lol..when i get to see him at boot camp, im jumpin in his arms and makeing out with him like u see in movies...it just sucks that i just lost my dad and i had to loose him too...nahh loosin my dad was the hardest, im strong and i know i will get threw both losses... <br />
thanks hun

it is important to know that even if you join the airforce that doesnt mean that you will be living together or stationed in the same city. That being said i dont think its the best way of going about wanting to be with him. As far as i know you can only live together if you are married, i dont know about higher rankings since my bf is a master sgt and dont know if we can even live together even though he is allowed to live off base. I could be wrong about that so ill check in and get back to you on that one lol. I know you miss him and it hurts a lot and at times it is going to be the hardest thing, you will get through it though :) and you are not crazy for wanting to marry him at all! I hate when ppl put age stamps on how old you have to be to want to spend the rest of your life with someone :/ I hope you feel better about it all, I will try to find out as much info as I can about living situations. :) If you need anything im here...