I Found This Thought U Girls Might Like It!! Military Girlfriend Poem!!


I’m a military girlfriend

I hold no formal recognition with the powers that be

I am at the bottom of the chain, I hold no military ID card

I am not a “dependent” or a parent

The man I love may face unspeakable dangers

And I am at the mercy of those who possess

This recognition for news, I understand and accept this

I am a military girlfriend, I have promised to be here

For him upon his return, no matter how long he is away

People may say that im insane for making such a commitment

With no guarantees, but I hold onto our promises

And have faith that he will come home safe to me

I know full well that my love for him fuels him in the worst of times

I am a military girlfriend

There is no ring on my finger to symbolize our commitment

Though I love him no less for it

I hope everyday that he will be able to call

Because a simple 30-second phone call

Can bring the greatest spectrum of emotions

Smiling with tears in my eyes from so much joy and pain

My relationship is based on a brief communication where

“I love you and I’m ok” speaks more than volumes

And gives me strength to keep going

I am a military girlfriend

I take no moment spent together for granted

I hold on to every touch

Caress, kiss, every word I have memorized

The feel of his skin, his smell, the sound of his voice

And I play it over and over again in my head so I will not forget

I cry myself to sleep some nights

Because missing him hurts so badly

But I wake up the next morning

Brush myself off and start a new day

I am a military girlfriend. The events of the next several months/ years hold my life, my love, and my future in the balance

When you watch the news reports, you may walk away

And go about your business relatively unaffected

When I watch the news stories of the war

I do not see nameless soldiers a half a world away

I see individuals who will forever be changed by war

News of every casualty causes me physical pain and deep sadness

I am a military girlfriend. Not a spouse or a family member

When you say you prayers for the husbands and wives,

Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters,Sons and daughters, please don’t forget me.

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6 Responses Apr 14, 2009

rythem i love u very much <br />
<br />

rythem i love u very much <br />
<br />

rythem i love u very much <br />
<br />

This is so true....a piece of paper or a ring wouldnt change the way I love and miss him.

Seems like us Military girlfriends are the only ones that realize what we truly are going through. Just cause we don't have a ring and some wedding pictures doesn't mean we aren't going through the pain of missing them.

Omg I'm crying I love that poem and I'm going trough the samething so I understand.