Im SOOO excited! I got my first letter from him today^_^ but i cant get to it until my mom comes home because she has the mail box key lol... today has just been one of those really good days. like this girl brought me candy today because she had extra reese's and she knows i love them *yum* and then rehearsal was awesome for my senior play, then i went to my bestie megans house which is always a blasty, then i pried open the mailbox as far as i could when i got home and saw a letter in there from him. AHHH! well im just going to chill now until my madre gets back from across town so i can get all choked up when i read it =P lol just really joyous today and figured i would share. hope you ladies are doing fabulous ^_^


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I know I cant wait to see him at graduation^_^ he wants me to go up with his parents... i haven't even met his step dad and i sent a text and even called his mom but she still hasnt answered back and that was during his second week... oh well im going whether or not i go with them^_^

May 22 yours?

I think it's a good thing but he just doesnt like it because of the extra stress. I live in Vegas... yeah he called about the same time he wrote the letter... I don't think he has much time to write because he has to make sure everyone else's stuff is done before he can have any spare time. hmmm? I heard that somethimes the military will put holds on outgoing mail. i dont know lol

LOL! He pretty much told me how much he loves me and that im whats getting him through basic =D He also told me that he is miserable and they have made him element leader so he is afraid his time might get recycled another week. He wrote it on the 1st so he might not be miserable as much now.... wow it takes a long time to send out mail there i guess? I mean geeze its like 2 weeks later.