Dealing With the First Deployment...

 So, I was just looking for a site online where I could read other stories from other air force girlfriends.  Thank you so much for this website, since it is exactly what I need right now.

My boyfriend just left for a 6 month deployment to Qatar this morning.  I've gone through truly every emotion in the past week about this.  I am trying to be supportive since this is his first deployment and I know how stressed and nervous he is.  My friends don't really understand how I feel since they don't have a boyfriend in the military...  Maybe the 6 months will go quickly like they say, but I just can't believe it!  I know I am very lucky because he will have internet access and is going to a safe base, as far as Middle East deployments are concerned, but it doesn't make me miss him less... 

Please keep posting your stories and suggestions so I don't feel so alone! It is wonderful to find a site devoted to the girlfriends, since almost everything else on the web is for wives (which is great, just a different situation...)  

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Hey I am new to this site and new to boyfriend is in the exact same situation and I don't really know how to feel about it....but I know I do feel better knowing I'm not the only one in this position! :)

My fiancé is leaving in June to go to Qatar and I, like you, have no friends or family in the military so have no clue what to expect as far as calling, when we will speak, etc. also very blessed to have found this board to vent and find support! :)

I really hope all of you are right that the time does go by fast! As i am too a Untied States Air Force Girlfriend, and this obviously my first time dealing with deployment. My bf is heading to Qatar and i pray that these next six months just flay on by!!

Mine is going there in June. How has it been for you? I'm curious since I have no experience with this and it's his first one!

ok so I'm not technically a United States Air Force Girlfriend but I am a United Kingdom Air Force Girlfriend, I stumbled across this page and hoped that you could help me, my boyfriend left this morning for a 4 month deployment in Qatar, it is both of our first deployments so I know he is having a hard time. I have basically cried my eyes out all weekend as I know I'm going to miss him ao much, I try to tell my friends and family how much I am going to miss him but they font understand, they just say "oh it'll go quick" will it though?

one thing us af girlfriends get that army or navy gf's don't get is the ability to talk to our men a LOT more than men on foot. My guy brought a small laptop with a built in camera, and we were even be able to see each other while typing over msn because of that! Send LOTS of care packages!! and IT WILL GET EASIER! took me a month before I started to accept that he couldn't be there every minute >_> it's just because you are so used to having him around. The second night I cried my eyes out--and if you need to cry, helps to let it all out. And I've found when I'm having a specially bad day, the ladies on here will answer a vent pretty the end of the day, which is great when you need it-hopefully you'll see how fast it goes...count the time before he comes home versus how long he has been gone!

dont worry, things will get easier. us girls are always here. i dont think some of us imagined living this way either. i know that i never pictured myself with a military man, but i wouldnt change anything for the world. you'll soon hear from your bf and everything will be dandy =) hang in there

He's a first Lt. working in acquisitions... I feel like there is so much for me to learn about his job, and the military. This is never a lifestyle I imagined for myself, but it seems to be where I have ended up! Once he gets settled over there and gets into a routine I'm sure is will be easier, but right now it's really hard not knowing how/when to contact him since he is at another US base waiting to fly over. I just keep telling myself that things will get easier...

hi =) im megan and my bf is also in the USAF. hes a linguist and could get deployed after hes done with his training. what job does your bf have? 6 months should go by fast. my airman will be gone for 7 months and 5 months have already flown by. just stay strong and us girls are always here to talk. we know what you mean how our friends dont understand. thats why we have to stick together =)<br />
take care! and good luck

Cheer up champ^_^ you ever need a venting buddy im here