What Happens After My Airman Is Stationed?

 Hi everyone,

My boyfriend just recently graduated BMT and is now in his second week of tech school. This has been the hardest few months of my life, even though I have only know know him for 9 months. I just found out a couple days ago that he is going to be stationed in Las Vegas which I guess isn't too far from Phoenix where I'm at but I still wish he was closer. It shouldn't be too hard for me to visit him every now and then, but I was wondering if I would be allowed to stay with him while he's there or will I have to find money to pay for a hotel room? I really hope I won't have to pay for a room considering it will make seeing him harder. Please answer this for me. thx

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My boyfriend says that in Phase 3, you have to have a hotel waiver to stay in the hotel. He says that you can be gone all three days if you are approved to go. Phase 1 has a curfew of 10 and have to be in uniform at all times, and Phase 2 has a curfew of midnight. I hope that helps.

do not quote me on this as my bf is still in bmt so ive been looking everything up as far as i know they would need to talk to someone about it and ask for permission to stay with you only if they get the okay can they and they dont have a curfew so wouldnt that just mean they can stay out anyways?<br />
im not to sure tho

I agree it doesn't make any sense but I guess we have to follow the air force rules as well. I probably won't be able to visit him in tech school since he's in mississippi, but hopefully after that we can see each other often. Thx for all the info I really wish I would I have got on here before he left to boot camp.

Well I kinda figured that but it was worth asking. My boyfriend is communicating with the pilots by doing the debriefing and stuff like that, I'm not too sure on the details though. He really wanted Luke AFB but he is fine with nellis. <br />
Thx for the advice kkazoo2213, I might do that. I just don't want to get him in trouble. Hopefully it won't be too much harder than when he would stay in my dorm room.

Not when he is in Tech school but once he gets his permanent party residence you can...you are not suppose to stay with him and you would probably get him in big trouble if anyone found out but I've done it and it is really easy. Beats paying for a hotel even though on-base hotels are super cheap. And it's more fun :) Just be careful!

the only way you can room with your man on base is if you are married. what is your boyfriends specialty code? mine's is aerospace ground maintenance...he really wanted nellis but he ended up with new mexico.