Mark got orders a couple of days ago. He is with me! He finally was told that his name was next on the list to move out of the dorms on base. We have the next week to clean and put everything back to AF standards in his room. It will be stressful but so worth it in the end! I am nervous but totally excited to begin a new stage in our relationship. I can't wait to wake up next to him everyday. :)

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Haha I knew E-5 didn't sound right! I was waaaaay off! stuck, I bet your man is excited that he gets to move off base! You should see the things they have to do to their room's going to take us all weekend if not more to do everything! Crazy! Like you said though, he's worth it. :)

A1C is E-3, E4 is senior airman, and E5 is staff srg....MY BABE JUST GOT HIS ORDERS THAT HE CAN MOVE OUT TOO! it's too bad it can't be around here, though :'(...Like I always say, he's worth it ^^

E-3... but thats besides the point! aww im so excited for you guys^_^ lucky

He's an A1C (E5 I think????) and has been in the dorms for over a year. He is ready to be OUT!

YAY!! How long has he been in the dorms/what rank is he?