omg i am so excited! i just got my first letter today from my boyfriend, he sounds good. i knew that it would come today, the one day i wasnt home waiting for the mail though! But i just wanted to share my excitement with everyone:] it made me a little sad to hear that he cried when he got my first few letters, but said to keep them coming because according to him i tell it like it is and the drama thats still going on back home is hilarious to him haha! anything that helps i guess:]

well, i am excited!!

jandjforeverandever jandjforeverandever
2 Responses Jul 27, 2009

YAY! lol when i got my first letter my step mom was across town with the mail box key and me and my best friend tried to pry the box open... her arm alomst got stuck bahaha

awwww i was soooo excited when i got my first letter!!! i ripped the envelope to shreds and had to read it like 5 times to even understand it!!! hehe =) i still am like a little kid everyday after work when i got to the mailbox! write him EVERYDAY! hearing from you is the only enjoyment he has and REMEMBER to send tons of PICS for him to show off!!! but nothing dirty of course! but YAYAYYYY i'm so excited for you it made me wanna go check the mail again but i just did like 4 hours ago and GOT A LETTER myself! hehe =) trust me it NEVER gets less exciting!