I Don't Know Why...

this week has been extra tough for me. I honestly am so needy I feel horrible. I just keep telling him how much I love him and stuff.

what happened I guess is that he told me he is going to go get a sandy buttcrack as he calls it lol. and it came early, but then he never left.....all that happened within one week. now all I can do is tell him how much I love him and I feel so silly gloming on him like this. I know he's being nice and not saying anything, but it's like sheesh. And the stress is getting to him, too, he forgot to call me when we weren't able to talk a couple times on skype...I was like oi.

so I have all the trust in the world for him, but with my parent's relationship, my mom taught me to believe every man cheats. I am NOT having second thoughts, I do NOT doubt him, but sometimes it just pops into my mind that maybe this and this because he is with a girl right now, kind of thing. I love him with all my heart, and I'd really like to stop that train of thought...I know he would never ever cheat on me. He is so good to me and loves me sooo much. It's all about me and how I'm his girl :) I miss him

so there's my insecurity needy rant and I really really hope this little phase goes away soon, because I love him so much :)

imstuckinhere imstuckinhere
4 Responses Jul 29, 2009

thanks girls..it helps a lot :) I told him about it and he's like whatever it's okay...but the needy thing is still here pooey!

awww it's so okay to feel that way every now and then. just because we are in military relationships and are supports to be strong does not mean we aren't allowed to let our vulnerability out every now and then. we are all vulnerable when it comes to loving our men. sometimes we just need them a little more than usual. everyone feels that way if they are really truly in love. and everyone has those little thoughts about what might be happening NOT because we don't trust but because we care so much. i'm sure you'll feel better soon! :)

aww im so sorry.. dont feel bad for being all mushy and needy.. we all get like that.. and so do our guys.. they feel even more dumb getting needy cuz they feel like girls lol.. but hang in there. sometimes i worrie about other girls to becasue i know lal the guys my bf hang out with are flirting and hooking up with girls all the time.. what helps me so much and something my bf said to me once.. is that If a guy is not fully commited and has interest in other girls then he wouldnt be with you.. long distance is hard because there has to be so much trust.. but as much as you love him he loves you and just always remind yourself of that!!! good luck and i hope you feel better.. just keep thinking about being in his arms again soon and youll be okay :]

aww lol^_^ i hope you feel less like that soon then... we all go through it no matter how much trust we have. just try not to let it get to you ok?