In Such a Better Mood Its Crazy^_^

we still dont know whats going on with jacob but when i find out i will let you guys know (yet again more thanks for the support^_^ you guys are awesome)

naturally im an over-analytical person... which is bad if you cant control it before it controls you>.< well yesterday was like hell (lol its pretty funny now but at the time...) anywho, im house sitting for my friend. only she didnt leave me instructions on how to care for her 4 dogs (freaking huge dogs btw), 2 cats, spiders, snakes, turtles and fishies! i have to work the entire time im babysitting her house and being stressed from work tends to exacerbate things a bit>.< well yesterday while at work (im a gas attendant) and all of the gas pumps shut down... bad, really bad. well i got yelled at by many customers, called incompetent by 5 of them, and almost got written up because i told a lady i wasnt bionic so i couldnt magically flip the breaker and expect miracles to happen so she can either switch pumps or use another station... it was also 113 outside. well i come home to find the dogs trashed the house (an hour later) i ended up trying to call jake because i hadnt heard from him since friday afternoon. well he didnt answer and i was so stressed i left him a teary message about how i just wanted to hear his voice. still didnt hear from him the rest of the night (turns out he got his phone taken away). well i got invited to go bowling, so i went and had les blasty blast!

*prestory* before everything went wrong i had decided to doodle and write sarcastic remarks in a religious pamphlet we got as a tip from a jahovah's witness. such remarks include:

"the lord frowns upon people who engage in war and battle for what they call peace and those people will be condemned to hell" my retort was :"jesus doesnt support our troops"

"the lord loves but condemns to hell sinners of the flesh and those who partake in consumption of alcohol and addictive behaviors" my retort: "...sorry ireland"

and i also drew a plunger in the hands of a praying man... i was bored

well the next customer i helped is what caused that domino effect of chaos! so i went aound saying i was cursed because i blastphemously doodled on biblical references. lol

anywho i went out to go bowling (which our team lost haha) and i wore jacobs flight t-shirt =) well this guy says something about how cheerleading steals your soul. well he looked at my shirt and says "so does rotc... worst years of my life" well i get all spartan girlfriend on him and tell him its the flight t-shirt jake designed and its not rotc its the airforce... it even says airforce along with his TIs names!(you think rotc would teach him how to recognize these things?!) well some of jakes friends were there. the guy knows jake too but hasnt seen him for like 2 years and they explained what was going on to him lol^_^ and then it dawned on me... military girlfriends are over-analytical, loyal beyond belief, and ready to pounce on anyone who says something snide about the military...

lol i guess my point with this post is to say im happy again (i get to see my amazing man this weekend) and that i think when times seem tough when your going through this you realize that its all just so silly you have to look back and laugh. laugh off what doesnt kill you (you've been through worse) and it makes being in a military relationship so much easier. actually it just makes life easier.


haha this is sorta long

hope you guys are all good^_^


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shucks guys^_^ lol<br />
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charlene- it wentworth

awww i loved this... im sorry everything went bad in ur day yet you still are smiling and making all us smile... i know i over think everything and tonight i realized that it just puts way more stress on everything.. so im gunna try to stop lol

I wouldn't know where to start with all those animals, and my house includes a great amount of animals lol...

you made me smile for like the first time today :)