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ok so my boyfriend left for basic 5 days ago and he said i would get the address of his basic by saturday but its already monday and I still havent gotten it yet. How long did you guys have to wait until you got the address?

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Thanks everyone! I got the letter today and when I did I was so excited!! I ran up into my room grabbed the 5 letters I already worte him, put his address on them and mailed them! I hope he writes me back! I cant wait to hear from him. Thanks everyone!!!! :)

I think it was into his second week...it seemed like a lifetime though...things will get rolling for you pretty soon :) By week 3 you will be getting calls and letters...just hang in there :)

i didnt get the first call til the following tuesday after he left so it was about a week. dont worry you will get the call no matter what they are required to make that first phone call and they have to be able to talk to someone. youll get the address :) hang in there <br />
im here if you ever need to talk

my boyfriend left for basic AUgust 3 ... he told me he would call me on that sunday but i got a phone call on that friday form him and he gave me his address and that was it .. i haven heard from him since i have sent him letters but none in return .. it just depends on there units and TI's ... some are less strict than others .. i wait everyday that maybe i will get a phone call and on sunday i keep my phone with me even in church .... but we all have to wait .. your not the only one ... if you need anyone to talk to we are all here for you .. these girls on here have helped me get through alot cause even though your friends say they understand they really dont and all of us have been there so we can help you out so much better and we are right there with you!!!<br />
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good luck and be strong!!!<br />

my boyfriend actually called a day or two earlier than we expected to give his address. but i've known other girls who had to wait much longer than expected. it depends on when their TI wants to let them call. the only requirement is that they must let the boys make that first call but when they make it is much more linient. also you may want to check that he didn't call a family member to give them his address such as his parents or a grandparent or such. many times they can only make one phone call (my boy got to make three cause he got voicemails the first two times) just hang in there and keep writing letters to mail as soon as you have that address!!