apparently it is possible to lose your mailbox privledges while in tech school... it was my boyfriends birthday last week and we couldnt figure out why he wasnt gettin the stuff i sent him. well this morning he was informed that his address no longer exists and he isnt allowed to recieve mail during the rest of his schooling! good thing he has a phone yeah? onthe plus side im visiting him in a few weeks and will be able to give it to him in person^_^

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LOL! Don't worry about it! As long as he survives tech school and gets to his first base unscathed, he will be fine. I got into A LOT of trouble when I was in tech school (because I have a have big mouth and really can't keep my opinions to myself! hahaha!) but unless you do something REALLY bad like get caught for underage drinking, you'll be good to go.

this probably wont be the last time he moves rooms either. after ther inspection jake had to switch rooms for like the 4th or 5th time since he got there. oh well lifes tough and its nice to have a helmet! so when i visit im going to distract him from military jazz wih a picnic at this park he was telling me about and take him to the movies and i dont know play hopscotch or something^_^

usafbaby013 wow my fiance went thru the same stuff he has been at Sheppard since july 27th but at first it was breifing this, inspection that, a ton of crap he had no time to sleep or anything, then he had to move dorms after a week or 2 but then had to move agian 1 week after that, and the breifings and meetings and PT and all that stuff seem to never end, I cant wait until tech is over =)

awww :( well at least he has his phone and you can definitely give him any present you want when you go see him!! :) that would **** me off too but hey all we can do is let it go and move on right. sometimes it's just not worth the effort to be mad because we know they aren't going to change anything just because we get pissed. kinda like my poor boy who's only been at sheppard a day and has not slept in like 2 days because of other boys in his dorm getting in trouble and having a 3 am inspection. and he has had to move his stuff into two different dorms and he has to move again! sometimes you just wanna say grrrrrr, stupid air force! but in the end it will all be ok :) lol i hope your trip goes amazingly well!!! :)

its from all that drama when they were talking about discharging him for stupid stuff... he is doing loads better on tests and everything but i guess when he asked about it today they said they took his mailbox away from him. im just pissed they didnt even bother to tell him.

thats really lame... my bf never checks his mail except for the days i send him it ahha but thats crazy they took it away ... i feel like once ourboys are out of tech it will be easier on them and us a little

wow! that's harsh! what did he do may I ask?