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can we stop bagging other branches. better yet i will be specific. marine ladies... be ladies and stop bashing the air force. the fact is you really dont know what our men go through. and we are strong because we can admit our weaknesses. so if you'd please chill. i know its not all of you but its annoying as hell and just a waste of time. we could be using that time to do our jobs and support eachother instead of being ridiculous.


to each their own and have a blessed day


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ok i've been nice, but come on. this is the internet but this is also a group for AIR FORCE GIRLFRIENDS (as well as some fiances and wives) and although we don't really care who else comes on here we do care when you start putting down our men. you have no excuse. if one girl said something you don't like then go talk to that one girl and talk about her NOT THE AIR FORCE. our men ARE STRONG thank you and they ARE BRAVE and i won't listen to ANYONE say otherwise. so if you aren't an AIR FORCE girlfriend, wife, fiance, or S/O and if you don't have anything nice to say THEN MOVE ON AND MOVE OUT because we don't want your crap here. we just wanna help our girls and support our men. and not that any of you bother to educate yourselves, but most all of us girls ARE strong for our men and are STRONG in our lives. this is our safe place. that means this is where we come to be vulnerable and until now all our girls have felt safe to do so. and that's how it should be. if you don't like it and if you think it makes us weak then LEAVE because it's how WE do things here and WE like it. trust me marine girls who wanna call us weak and pansies and such, we aren't weak and we aren't scared. we are just NICE. we are sensitive towards each other because we are a FAMILY. and until now we have considered you marine girls a part of that military family. and some of you still are. but the ones who seems to think that the air force is crap, well you can consider yourselves outed. not that you care and you shouldn't. but you are most definitely not welcome and not wanted and you are no longer family so i won't feel badly for one second telling you F*** OFF! no more mrs. nice air force girl. just leave us alone. we'll do things how we like and as for me i will ignore you all for now on. i tried to be nice but i'm done. so say what you want but for me this stupid crap is through. move on marine ladies. find a new outlet for this pent up rage. maybe one a little better than your own fellow military S/Os. i mean really. we don't care what you say. we were just trying to be nice and give our honest input. i mean this is OUR group. frankly, you don't belong here. so GET OVER IT AND GET OUT.

You guys this is the internet. It is a public forum. PLEASE tell me that ya'll aren't THAT sensitive that you are SAD that you feel like girls can't share anymore? Girls can share whatever they want, sometimes they will get honest replies. Anything we Marine S/O's or anyone else says will be the truth, and will be respectful unless we are disrespected.<br />
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Malibu needs to check herself. I wasn't even going to say anything until I read post after post of her holier than thou bullshit. We aren't "bashing" any branch, merely trying to add maybe just a little toughness. Because honestly we could all use a dose of reality sometimes. If everyone in your life sugar-coated everything and held your hand and said life is all sunshine and rainbows you would never learn to handle disappointment. I believe that we only began to talk about the airforce when Malibu started saying some of the most horrible things I have ever heard. <br />
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I volunteer at the USO. I support all of our military. We as military S/O's need to be strong. Sometimes even I need to be told that. There is nothing wrong with being sad at times, and having the ladies on this site help pick you up, but that should be the exception not the rule.

justsgirl- i get you being defensive, but i really don't think she meant it to seem that way. maybe we can just leave it as it is and move on. all we should be doing is supporting each other :) and this group does pride itself as being a safe place for air force girls to come and let out there feelings and worries. sometimes it just needs to be done. and we need it to stay a safe place where girls aren't worried about being brought down. we are proud of our men and i'm sure all of you marine girls are proud of yours and let's just refrain from bringing any branch down because we all know that a military girlfriend isn't going to take any crap being said about her man! :)

the sad thing is...<br />
I guarantee there will be a few girls out there now that don't see this as a safe place to share stories and feelings anymore. because certain people made them feel like it was weak to share these things. when really that's what I loved about this group. and now it's being turned into a bunch of name calling, **** talking, and just basically drama.<br />
it's just sad.

I agree, and I didn't come here to bash at all. Your girl malibu crossed the line by saying oolala's man was gona die etc. then saying our men cheat. ALL boys have the capacity to cheat, its the men that know when they have a good woman.<br />
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I fully agree we should support each other. I have friends in every branch and like I said, they're all working for a common goal. I wish all of you the best, I just don't appreciate the 1 female in this group.