Sooo Ummm...

anyone else's boyfriend sick with the flu at sheppard? its like a epidemic on base now... probably thanks to my babe>.<

appologies from both of us if thats the case=/

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...actually that makes me feel a little better because i guess his teachers and the people in his squadron are saying its all jakes fault everyone is sick. a few people got washed back because of it and i guess they are making him feel bad about it. im thinking its just coincidence now...well that or he is just blaming himself. the same thing happened in BMT where he got sick and then everyone else started getting sick.

i heard it was going around :[ luckily my bf has not gotten it yet. but he said a lot of ppl are getting sick because the TI's at sheppard make the guys do PT in pouring rain.. :[

I really realllly hope he feels better soon, I think I have the flu. I am miserable and dreading my 8am dr appt. (it's 4:15 here).. however it has given me a chance to catch up and between EP and milspouse, I almost forgot I was sick :)

haha they get the flu shot but it doesnt work all of the time... sorta like basic where you can alomost expect to get sick any way=P nah its because jake started out with allergy problems and then turned into the flu and instead of going to the docs he let it infect his system bad so now he has walking pnuemonia>.< he is so damn stubborn!!! i swear! like me and his teacher told him to go to med hold... but he is one of those "i dont need meds because my body will fight it off and then become immune" people. i love him and his ridiculous self. i just hope he doesnt get even worse=(