It's Finally Here...

Tomorrows the 22nd... Jared's graduation starts... I was so pumped about going. But I found out a couple days ago that we can't pay for it so we can't go. I feel absolutely sick. Like I'm about to throw up. I told myself to accept it... But now I feel that everythings completely ruined.

Kurokagami Kurokagami
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4 Responses Oct 21, 2009

Awww see! I know it sucks that you couldn't go but at least you're talking now! That has to be amazing! As soon as he's in the right phase of his tech school, you should make your way to see him. :D

I'm talking to him by text now!! :D I'm so happy!

hang in there girl... he will totally understand and you will see him sooner than you know it... and soon you will be ale to talk to him on the phone and hear his voice everyday

he will understand. will it suck? yes. will you see him as soon as you get the money to see him in tech school? without a doubt!!! he will probably be on the phone with you the entire time regardless=P and then you can talk for hours with no TI to scream