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Well Eckron has three weeks left and, I mailed him a letter today and my mom said that it is my last letter. She said that I need to stop sending them because, they won't catch up with him. And I told her that I want to keep writing until he tells me to stop. And then she yells that Iam getting on her nerves with all of this. I'm more ready for it to be over then she is! UGH parents, but she could be right?

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Thanks, I know they are very expensive. I write Eckron but, I put about three letters in one envolope lol. He doesn't complain though

Wow I'm so grateful I'm old enough to take care of myself and not have to worry about parents. But anyways, Sunday I got my first phone call from Scott..6 weeks in and it was the best ever. But during the phone call, he said to keep writing because I've written every day since he left. He said some kid who's girlfriend of 10 months suddenly stopped writing and he hadn't gotten anything in 2 weeks so they kid was miserable. They really look forward to those letters. And pictures! He said they all get pictures so keep sending them. Scott's TI won't let them write, and this week their in BEAST week so they can't write anyways and then they are back for a week and a half and done so really theres not much point. <br />
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It's disappointing that I've only got to talk to him once and gotten no letters to which I will probably not get at all. But bottom line is, he told me he really likes getting them everyday. They have no communication to the outside world and if they are having a bad day, you are it my friend. So I'm very grateful for the one phone call I did get and he's very grateful that I've stuck by his side from day one. SO...keep writing. <br />
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Your mother needs to relax a little because you are not hurting anyone. If you're using her stamps go out and buy your own. That's what I did because those suckers are expensive and I felt bad I was using my moms lol. And as for her saying they won't catch up with him. I've probably sent over 40 letters and he's gotten to read every single one of them. They don't get mail on weekends so Scott gets a few on top of eachother I'm sure, and I'm not the only one writing, his mother does too so he gets double the amount. But they really want them so they read them! GOOD LUCK!

Don't stop sending them! I just stopped sending my Airman letters on Friday, and I am leaving to see him tomorrow!

im glad you decided to keep writing. my mom got mad at me when i kept asking to borrow stamps everyday. she said writing him once a week should be good enough (military brat but never in a military relationship) so naturally she didnt understand jack. so i kept persisting until she bought me like a book of 60stamps=) when he was finally able to write back i think it clicked how much that man means to me. parents take some times. they see how close you are as a couple but they dont ever really get why.

Omgosh...thanks everyone! <br />
And yall are so right because, he did say that he loves it when I write him<br />
Well, I just wrote 1 and well be sending it tomorrow :)<br />

hey girl. <br />
My boyfriend is in the 3rd week also. I dont think they will be able to write anymore but they are still getting your letters. I think you should send them. I know dealing with your mom is hard im still in high school and leave at home so i understand that. But you should have a talk with her and let her know its not only for him its for you too. Tell her writing him lets you get things out and makes you feel better. i dont know any mom that would be mad about that. <br />
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What flight is your boy friend in?

Luckily I've been out on my own since I was 17 so I didn't have to deal with that. But that's ridiculous. You need to send those letters up until the very few days before he graduates. That's what I did, and Brent got his the day before the coin ceremony. I know it sucks to have your mom be that way but maybe if you stay persistent about it she'lll come around. Good luck!!!

i would still send them... hahah take them to the post office yourself haha ur guy will love all your letters :] and they get them in like 4 days they just cant always write back... hang in there girl and dont fight with your mom about it.. it takes parents a while to adjust to their lil girls in military relationships.. it took my parents a while to be comfortable with it.. lol but good luck and keep writing if you can

he probably won't be able to write you back but i didn't stop sending letters until 3 days before i left :) he got the last one the morning after i got to his graduation and when i talked to him that day he said he had read it before he went out to the parade & it made him even more anxious to see me!<br />
i kept up with the letters even though i probably wouldn't get any back because he kept saying how much he loved getting them & hearing about everything i was doing. i just couldn't stand the thought of him sitting there while everyone else's name gets called for a letter & not have his be called :( <br />
when i went to his graduation all of the buddies in his flight knew who i was because of all of my letters, pictures & football scores i would send :) <br />
my advice would be keep sending them!!! even if they don't say much but "i miss you & love you" they love getting them!

it doesnt take that long to get to him im pretty sure!<br />
i know you wish she could understand, <br />
well id say keep writing him just in case!<br />
<br />
i know over and then easier!