Big Day Today

So i finally found out why mike has been so stringent with the phone calls. I knew it was partly because he was so busy but i also had a feeling it was something else. We act the same way when something is bothering us: ignore phone calls, push people away & get lost in thought. Finally last night we were texting back & forth & i asked for the millionth time what was wrong & FINALLY he let it come out. He said he missed me a lot & missed his family & missed being home. Which i already knew so i texted back a sweet reply but he wasn't done. The reason why he's feeling so horrible is because a guy he's friends with @ tech school just received his duty assignment & it's in Alaska! The guy has been dating his girlfriend in Tampa for 2 years. Mike said he feels really bad for him & is worried to get his assignment now because like the guy, he put all stateside bases on his dream sheet but Alaska is considered overseas. I've been trying to prepare myself for this since we went to go sign papers @ the recruiters before he left & we met a guy stationed in North Dakota (not his choice at all). Mike just always had this attitude like it could never happen to him & now he's realizing it. I told him i'd be there for him no matter what & he agrees but i just feel like he's realizing the possibility now. I didn't think it was anything i'd have to deal with for at least a month, i don't know why but i was under some impression that you don't get duty assignments for a while (?) but he tells me he's going to find out TODAY!  I'm hoping everything works out for the best but i'm just looking for some words of advice/encouragement from somebody that has already been through this!! Thanks girls!

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smako my bfs first choice was eglin 2 then macdill cuz they r closeest to me 2 cuz im in fl. i hope ur bf is somewhere near ya.

ah fantastic... thanks for all of your help!!<br />
he knows where he's stationed & from what i can tell it's not good news, mainly because he hasn't called me yet & told me & he found out YESTERDAY so obviously he's not happy about it.

CVillian: i did a lot a lot of research on the bases available to us. his first pick is eglin in FL since that's where we're from/where i am buuuut it's not the base in FL we wanted, either way though i'd be happy if that's what we got.<br />
how long before the AF told your husband he was going to be working on f22's not f15/16's? <br />
& what do you mean by black hole?<br />
they haven't screwed us over yet but i'm already NOT such a big fan of the AF just by hearing all of these stories lol

and if he really hates his base he can reclass to a different wont be easy to do alot of work into it and tech school again...but were going to try for that my fiance is on B-52 we had the joys of north dakota or louisiana....not much selection so later down the road we may have him switch aircrafts depending if we like LA or not..its just an option

dream sheets can be manipulated though. they do take them into consideration... minimally but they do. they have a list of bases where they have openings and then they have his list. if none ofthem match up obviously he wont get it. but if he selected his bases according to his job then he has a higher chance of getting one of those bases. jake didnt get any of his bases but alot also depends on rank as well. some bases require you to be a higher rank in oder to be considered for it as an assgnment. the more you minimalize which bases you can realistically get the more likely you'll be stationed there. sounds to me like he did his research but i will cross my fingers for you two anyway=)

well good luck.. i was so worried about where my bf would be stationed.. he filled his dream sheet out before he met me and he put japan china and germany.. FML hahah but he ended up getting florida which is still across the country from my but it works.. just hang in there. you will make whatever he gets work and there is always positives about every base :] good luck i hope he gets stationed close to you!!!

i knew the dream sheet was exactly what it sounds like buuuut mike just had the kind of attitude where if he didn't discuss any other possibilities it would happen exactly as he wanted it!! oh, men! lol<br />
his job is aerospace propulsions on f15s & f16s which makes the bases extremely limited so what he actually wrote on his dream sheet & what we wanted were 2 completely different things because the ones we wanted weren't even options!<br />
thanks so much for the support :)

I hope he gets one he wants, Its all up to the air force, according to matt they dont even look at the dream sheets they stick you where you are needed and the dream sheet comes into play as you earn more rank like i guess...but we got the one he wanted out of his choices and my friend's bf got his number one pick, if they have a spot open at your pick you will get it but if not they wont go out of their way to get you there!<br />
<br />
Good luck he is under alot of stress but its our duty to support them and actually matt wanted alaska so bad but it wasnt an option it was his number 2 pick of the best bases to get =)<br />
<br />
Matt was the same way before he got his orders so scared we would get north Dakota over Louisiana i just had to tell him over and over we will get whats meant to be and either way Im going with you...cant say it made him feel much better but it was the only thing i could say