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 of course, just like everyone else, I believe I have the best boyfriend in the entire world.  he left for air force basic training just last night, november 3rd, and I need some help to get especially through basic training.  I can deal with the thought of not talking to him-of course it will be very hard-but what bothers me the most right now is the thought of him going through hell right now, sleep-deprived, being yelled at... I know it's all part of the process, but the thought of him doing that right now just kills me. :( any help?  I would really appreciate it, girls!  if anyone else has a boyfriend who just left yesterday also that would be amazing!

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Oh, thank you so much. :) I do pray every single night! When does he graduate? How does he already know he gets deployed? That's crazy you'll be gone! My situation is a not-so-severe version... I swim at a D1 school and I have a meet during his graduation... of all weekends... but at least you will be able to talk to him, right? I still haven't heard from him except the letter he sent from the airport, but I have written every single day so he should have 8 letters coming his way! It helps so much to know someone else is going through the same thing; thanks!

thank you SO much everyone. every single thing that was said helps me so much. it is just SO hard right now and I know you all know that because everyone here has been through it. once it is over I will definitely be doing what you guys are doing and helping other people out because it's so great and helpful to know more what it is going to be like. another thing I'm kind of worried about is him changing... I don't want him to change at all but I don't see how that's possible with what he is doing. :(

Amamrose1991, all the comments above are awesome and true.<br />
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Please know that your b/f has my respect, he is in training to defend and protect our great country. I know you are going thru a lot as well, hang in there, before you know it he will be done. <br />
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Btw, I am an AF officer and was also enlisted at one time. Attended BMT in 1985 :-). <br />
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All the best to the two of you.

It is a hardddd, hard time but when you see him at graduation you will realize that you are even more in love with your guy than you were in the first place! My boyfriend's graduation was last weekend and the time couldn't have gone by any faster, but I enjoyed every minute of it!! Just look forward to that!!!

i walked around with my phone in my hand for 2 months. i even slept with it in my hand. but i never missed a call. i went to the mailbox everyday even on days i knew for sure i wouldn't get a might sound crazy but it helped me out A LOT knowing that i was doing everything i possibly could. it got way easier after the first 3 weeks, not only for me but also for him. after some time, they learn what it is to do and not to do so they're not getting yelled at/in trouble as much. the thing that helped me through the days was remembering all of the amazing times we had together & what he would say to me if he was right in front of me, whether i was having a great day or a horrible one. i didn't write letters every day but i bought 50 envelopes @ the beginning of BMT & by the time i left...all gone! SEND PICTURES!!! they LOVE them! & at the end of every letter i'd put a memory/quote/lyric just because i knew it'd make him smile :)<br />
you're a HUGE part of getting him through this & when it feels like it's impossible, it definitely helps to know that we've all been through/are going through this!!

I'm going to be honest its not going to be a easy journey but, I believe it will work out for the best in the end!<br />
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I agree with AJlove, when you get his address write him as much as possible, he will love reading your letters. My boyfriend told me he wanted to give up until he got my first letter, and they also make you feel better as well. MAKE SURE YOU STAY BY YOUR PHONE FOR HIS 1ST PHONE CALL, AND GET HIS ADDRESS I REGRET NOT GETTING IT MY FIRST CALL, I ASKED HIM BUT HE JUST WANTED TO TALK. LOL...Just encourage him to keep his head up and you do the same!<br />
If you need anything I'm here for you<br />

he wil be miserable for the first 3 weeks or so but once he starts getting the hang of things he will be more confident and not as depressed=) just keep writing him every day. all the letters he gets from you will make his experience that much easier. you're his rock. if you have any specific questions just message me. my man graduated in may so i can help you out with the what to expects.

Well Scott only has 2 weeks left, but every guy deals with it differently. He said he wasn't as bad as he thought. So maybe your guy is taking it okay. Scotts in his BEAST week so I've been thinking about how sleep deprived he will be and tired. So just hang in there, keep busy, millions go through it and they all survive :)