Freaking Out

I just talked to Trav (he's stationed in Minot) about our relationship and how happy we both were with the way things were going.  We don't get to see each other a lot, but do our best to make it work.  It's really expensive to fly out there (like $500) so I only get to see him once every two or three months.  He told me tonight that he thinks he will probably get deployed in the summer of 2011.  I looked at my school schedule and that means that I'll only be able to see him SEVEN more times before he leaves.  We always make it through somehow, but I'm really freaking out.  I'm not sure if I can deal with not seeing him seven more times and then not seeing him for months (if not a year or more). 

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your welcome =) glad to have helped

Thanks guys! I know that things will work out exactly how they're supposed to. Sometimes its just hard to let them happen. <br />
AJLove: Thanks for the questions! Those are some that I need to come back to whenever I struggle. Because the truth is, I do. And I'll do whatever it takes.

He should get some leave time to take care of things before he gets deployed, aka time to spend with you! Don't worry! It will all work out. Each one of us is going to have to go though deployments at some point! Keep your head up!!

first... breathe hun.<br />
then think about why you are in this relationship. do you love him? is he the one for you? does distance really matter if in the end you get him all the time? dear you will be surprised at how much distance and time you can spend apart. after jake comes home im 90% positive i wont see him until april if he can get leave to come to my graduation. so 6months. the longest we have been apart is 3 months but we know what our job entails and thats one of the reasons we can keep going as a couple. <br />
try looking at it this way. being able to see him more than twice a year is actually really really good for a military relationship when not married. the air force also has short deployments. look up his deployment rate on search usaf specialty codes and then click on his job. at the bottom of the description it will tell you how frequently he deploys. me and jake justfound out he will deploy alot because of his job. all be it short deployments. also he wont have to worry about that for more than a year and neither should you. you'll worry yourself sick by doing that. and just because he is eligible doesnt mean he will. keep strong hun. its a tough road ahead but you can manage=)