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So.. after 6 years of being best friends and next door neighbors and hiding the fact that we are both completely in love with eachother.. over his 2 week break we decided to finally date and I am so happy and excited! It just feels right since we've been best friends for so long. BUT.. This is all so new to me! I mean as friends it was hard not talking or seeing each other as often, but much harder, I just want to talk to him all the time and luckily he is in tech school so I can talk to him after classes/formation ect. But still its like even after all that there isn't much time. I feel like I have my phone glued to my hand at all times just in case he calls or texts. It'd driving me crazy!

:( I cry alot and it sucks that every time I walk out my front door I see his house and start crying AGAIN!

How do you all deal? I am trying to find so many distractions and as of yet none are working. What are good times to contact him, when are they not busy in tech school? I mean I don't want to bug him and be like oh hi are you busy? or ask when hes not busy ect. any hints girls?

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I am done with school but, I work all day M-F till 430.. and usually around 5 I noticed he can talk for a bit before dinner. So knowing I cant talk to him during the day keeps me busy in my work. It's when I am home that I get antsy and this weekend will be the first one without him in 2 weeks, its hard to spend every minute with someone for 2 weeks then have them leave :(<br />
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I just have to get used to it, and like you said it will get routine. I am ready for that to kick in already!!

aww i'm so excited for you! i always have my phone with me...just in case. i feel like it's one of those things that never go away. make sure that you let him know how much it means that he talks to you. hopefully he can get the hint! school is the biggest distraction i have. most of the time it works. but that's not to say that i ever get over missing him. once he is there, you'll fall into a routine. you know when he'll call (or text) and when he really can't. and it never hurts to text him. if he's busy, he just won't be able to text you back. don't worry about "bothering" him. he'll always love to hear from you. but don't be upset if he's busy. it's a lot of hard work for them. don't worry though, it gets easier from here! if you have any questions, let me know. i'd be happy to help!