Ahhh! Almost Here ((:

 so  my boyfriend graduates on the 28th. im leaving on the 27th with his Dad, little sister, and step mom,  my mom and mimi are flying in thursday morning but i didnt wanna miss the airmans run! lol so its january 18th and not counting today i have 10 days! im so ANXIOUS to see him as he is as well.  All of us (his family and mine) are staying in the same hotel to it is easier for him. Im so excited but as graduation gets closer the days get longer! hopefuly this week flys by. I cant imagin being there, its going to feel unreal! and im sure it will be the happiest four days of me life.(: is graduation big? they have alot of people??

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oh i deff will. i cant waiiit! lol um he his address is 323 trs/ flt b129 dorm a-4. yours?

Mine graduates on the 29th too (the 28th is the coin ceremony not the actual graduation). What flight and squadron is your boyfriend in?

YES graduation is huge! We're talking hundreds of people. Its funny because no matter where you go during his town pass, you'll always see at least two airman and their families lol But its sooooo much fun. It was easily the most amazing four days Ive ever spent with my guy :) Youre going to have SO much fun! Make sure you tell us all about it!