Tech School Count Down!

I know alot of you are just dying for all the details and some of you could probably care less but here i go......

So we(me, my niece,  sister in law & mother and father in law) arrived in San Antonio Wednesday afternoon. Knowing how close i was to seeing him and being 5 miles away from him was driving me crazy. I wanted to just drive to Lackland and find him, lol! We Stayed at the Comfort Inn, our suite was really nice! Wednesday night I couldn't sleep at all, I was tooooo excited, going 2 months with out him was just insane!

Thursday at the Airman's Run when they first ran by I didn't see him :( then when they ran back by I finally did,  I started sobbing, it was just so awesome to see him but sad at the same time. The Airman's Run was over at  like 8:30, I advise going to the bleachers and getting a seat for the Coin Ceremony, if you wait they will all be gone, we went and got our seats right after but we had to sit there for 2 1/2 hours before the Ceremony began. The Coin Ceremony was neat watching everyone march and chant, it was new to me. I found Chris in his flight and did not take my eyes off him the whole time. During the Ceremony I could not stop tapping my foot, I was so anxious to run up to him and give him a hug & kiss! Seeing him, touching him, smelling him (lol) for the first time in 2 months was the best feeling ever. Thursday was magical, we walked around everywhere, went bowling, to the mini malls and just caught up on everything. The whole PDA thing wasn't too bad, we would hold hands under the table and when no one was around we would kiss or should i say peck, lol! He was sick the whole time which really sucked but we still managed to make the best of it.

Friday- Graduation was sooooo foggy and freezing. Like i said I would get there as early as possible so you will have somewhere to sit. This went by pretty quick, finding him was a little difficult but when I finally did, it was all smiles! Friday I let him talk and catch up with his parents since they were leaving Saturday morning. I never left his side but I let his parents get some time with him. Friday they were allowed to leave base, we went and ate and back to the hotel so he could relax. At the end of the night I hated taking him back to base because I didn't want to leave him.

Saturday- I went and picked him up, we went back to the hotel to meet his parents to go for brunch and after brunch his parents headed home. Saturday all day was our day at the hotel if you know what I mean!! I loved every second of it not just the romance but just sitting there talking and holding each other. I did bring him some gifts since he was at BMT for Christmas and his Birthday. His favorite was an I pod I got him and he was so surprised. We layed there and listened to the song Need You Know - Lady Antebellum and we both cried :( Girls I would try your best to get some alone time with your Airman especially if you will not see him again for a while. Saturday was wonderful, just the connection we had was something I can't even explain.

Sunday- We went bowling again due to limited things to do on base, but is was fun. We walked around to the different mini malls and went to church. If you can I would recommend attending church to experience what your bf has gone through. Church was different, I can tell you that and seeing all the trainees in there singing, swaying, praying and chanting was something I will never forget. I cried at the beginning just imagining Chris in there watching those videos, crying and thinking of me.

He had to be back by 6 so at 3 we found somewhere to sit where we could be alone and talk and enjoy the last few hours with each other. Those last hours were hard for me knowing  that I was going to have to tell him bye again. Of course that time came faster than I hoped it would, it was sad, not only was I crying but he was too. :( On the  way home I kept checking to see if he sent me a text or called and an hour after driving home he all ready had his phone back! 

He left this morning for Mississippi, Keesler AFB where he will be for 6 weeks. Tech school should be way easier than BMT for the both of us! Fingers Crossed!

It was an AMAZING weekend, I enjoyed every bit of it. This experience has just made us so much closer and even more in love. I wouldn't change anything and I am the happiest girl ever! Thank you girls soo much for everything and I hope this story helps you!

Tech School here we come!!!

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Aw! It sounds like so much fun! And I'm glad you got some alone time. ;) I wish I could get to experience all this. I love everyone's super long recaps cause I can picture myself there. And hey! Add me on facebook. I think I looked for you but couldn't find you: Allie Cossack. I want to see more pictures! Hehe

peaceloveandkatie- his job is Aerospace control and warning systems!<br />
<br />
Breyana- I will keep my fingers crossed for you!<br />
<br />
The communication is all ready 100% better! He has today off since he is so sick, poor baby, but we get to talk all day so that is good!

omg that sounds so amazing. Im SOOOOOOO glad you got to spend that time with your husband AND that you got a phone call an hour later. since he's been in tech i haven't heard form Chris but im keeping my fingers crossed. lol

omg LOL I did shed a few tears bc I remembe how awesome it was to finally see him and actually get to hear him talk or have him hold me, trust me its def worth the wait! Im so happy for you and tech school will be a lot better bc you will be able to talk to him acutally talk to HIM :)

aw thats song was pretty much my anthem while my boyfriend david was in bmt. sounds like you had a great time :) david's's at keesler right now and loves it, so i'm sure your man will too! the communication gets 365478686786556343453453453 times better in tech school, its amazing lol.<br />
<br />
ps: whats his job? just wondering if they have the same one.

is it so pathetic that i had to hold back tears reading this lol that sounds so amazing I can't wait till I can experience the same thing! and thanks for the advice on the coin ceremony and everything! it sounded like it would be a huge stampede when my Chris told me about it on the phone the other day ha!

Aww, that sounds amazing ! I'm so glad you got that time with him.

Thank you! We had a blast!

Awww, glad to hear you had an amazing time! It sounds like you two truly enjoyed it. You're pictures are wonderful, by the way! :)