Getting A Little Frustrated

My boyfriend left for basic January 5 (a month ago, yikes! he's in week 4) and I still haven't gotten anything... not a single letter, phone call, anything. I'm still writing every day and trying to stay positive, but opening an empty mail box every day is starting to wear me down a little. I know it'll be worth it when I get a letter, but jeez, his TI must be ridiculous. Grrrrrrrrr...

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Well if he has Sgt Zein (sp?) you may not get a letter till week 6/7 like me :) Sucks but they only got to write because they did well at Beast. Other than that NO WRITING or he threatened to recycle them lol. I didn't get a call until week 4 either, missed it so it was really week 5 till we talked. Some TIs are harder then others but a great way of thinking about it is that you're half way there and then he can have his cell phone privledges and internet privledges back and it gets much much easier! I can't wait for the next 4 weeks to pass because only 6 more until Scott's finished tech! yay..keep busy :)

When Nick was in BMT his TI would give them their letters but wouldnt let them open them until they "earned it". Well, if they had pictures in them, they were allowed to open them for some reason. So Nick would say he had pictures so he could open them. And once they were open, he'd just read them after lights out. And he snuck all but 3 letters to me. Those other three he was allowed to write. So jahny1, that could be why yours is a little shorter and wrinkled lol<br />
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But YAY becsig for your upcoming letter! Im so excited for you to get it!

Well I talked to his mom earlier, she got her first letter from him today! And he said he's sending me one too so I should have it very very soon. I can't wait to get it! :)

Sean said that they got to read them for the first time on Jan 25th, then something happened on the 27th and they got the privilege taken away. His last letter was shorter than the last one and the envelope was really bent up so I don't know how it got it in the

Oh wow... they can't even read them? Is this just a recent thing or have they never been able to? That'd really be upsetting if he hasn't been able to read ANY this whole time... did he say he's gotten to read any of yours? :( and thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!

Your guy is in the same flight as mine, I got a letter today that said, Someone in their flight messed up really bad and that they aren't allowed to read or write letters. I have no Idea how Sean got this last letter to me. I asked him about your Guy His name is Jones right? I let you know if he writes back anything, I asked him in a letter I wrote 2 days ago. Keep your head up Girl, I'm sure he is dying to contact you.

I didn't hear from my boy untill week 4, so don't worry! I was so sure I'd hear from him sooner like everyone else did, but week 4 came around and I had just about had enough when magically a letter addressed to me from san antonio was waiting in my mailbox :) Definitely try getting in contact with his parents though, maybe he got a phone call this past weekend and called them! It's worth a shot. Hope it all goes well, hang in there!!!

Thanks guys :) yeah I think I'll call his parents tonight, I haven't talked to them in a couple of weeks.<br />
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Trying to stay positive! All I want is one letter! I've been listening to my friends complain about their relationships, "my girlfriend never called me tonight," blah blah blah, and I don't want to be a **** so I keep my mouth shut, but I really want to say to them, "Grow a pair, and be grateful for what you have, I haven't even gotten a single letter in a month" haha.<br />
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I know it'll be worth it in the end though, that's what keeps me going!

I know how hard that is i didnt even get a phone call until week 6. :( dont worry since his is at the halfway mark, his TI will be more lenient with the flight, meaning more phone calls and time to write letters. <br />
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Hope you hear from him soon!!

Hm, don't lose faith yet. Have his parent's gotten a lot of contact? You should ask about him and see what they know. Maybe no one has really heard from him. Keep writing though and keep telling him how much you care. I'm sure he's dyinggg to write or call and for some reason can't. Damn those TIs.