Hey girls.. I think i am a bit story happy but i can't help it you guys are great people to talk to. Well, I have a couple of questions for you girls. 1) Do you ever feel like your trying to make everyone else happy but not yourself? I mean i literally try to make everyone else happy and always think about myself last. Like My mom wants me to wait a while to get married to tony which i can see her point but at the same time i don't. BUt i know she is just looking out for me. 2) Do any of you guys feel sometimes like no one understands how you feel, or how excited you get when you get a letter or  a phone call?!? I feel like this all the time.. I get so excited when i get letters but i feel like no one else really does you know? i am sorry i am just feeling blah today is all. Tony is about to start week 5 tomorrow! He only has 3 more weeks.. which i can't believe its gone by so fast! he is doing so well, and i can't wait to run up and hug him even though i won't be able to go to his graduation, he said he is going to try and fly down to see me if he can while he is in tech! I can't wait to see him nad kiss him again.. it seems like forever!! Sorry girls just talking randomness! lol!

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Nick is my absolute best friend too :) Nobody seems to be able to understand that my boyfriend is also my best friend. But that just kind of makes sense to me lol I told him everything in my letters too. I wrote him twice a day sometimes because I had so much to say to him at the end of the day. Then I would want to tell him more so I wrote another letter lol I admit, I kind of miss the letter writing and receiving, but I wouldnt trade the texting all day, nightly phone calls, and webcam dates on the weekends for ANYTHING. Tech school is SO much easier! You're going to love it. Its Heaven sent to me lol Nick still has five months left. He's at Sheppard for 4 months and one week, and then he finishes up his training at Luke AFB in Arizona for three weeks. Which is WAY better than 8 months like we originally thought it was going to be!

Ugh, I just typed out this long thing for each one of you guys and it didn't post! Grr.. ok here we go again: <br />
Besig-I can't believe we have made it this far! I remember when i was crying everyday and didn't want to do anything because i missed tony so much! Were almost done with the boot camp part of it already! <br />
<br />
Emilyroze- i know, i feel like when i get on here everyone on this site understands every feeling/emotion i am going through. I just don't think other people realize how hard it is for us girls you know what i mean?<br />
<br />
Deevon- I know what you mean. I always wrote tony everyday and everyone thought i was crazy. and they seriously didn't understand why it was so important for me write him like i was. I was doing it so he knew i was still back home and he was always on my mind, not to mention he is like my best friend and we tell eachother everything.. literally.. so i have been telling him everything. Letters mean the world to me, I have gotten 12 so far.. i think i am pretty lucky to have gotten that many so far. How much longer does your boyfriend have in tech?!<br />
<br />
Niknik- I tell my friends all the time that there are girls on here that understand what i am going through all the time. ANd you guys are always so supportive too! I really appreciate everything you guys do! And i'm so glad for this website! You shoudl be getting a letter soon"!! Once you get your first letter you will be on cloud 9 for days!!<br />
<br />
Timmo- People don't understand me and tony's relationship either. We have been together for a year and a half, and i just want to be with him forever. I don't think anyone really understands that other than you guys. I just wish others could understand the way you guys do! Its amazing how much you guys understand! I'm sorry your can't go to JOey's graduation.. I am really upset i can't go to tony's but he totally understands. I really hope you get to go visit him while he is in tech.. and i really hope tony comes home to visit me while he is in tech, but i dunno because they might get lock down. My school is really weird so i woudln't be able to go and see tony while he was at tech..=( you will be giving joey a big hug soon enough.. I just can't wait to give tony one as well!=)

I Totally understand how you feel! My mom definately doesn't understand anything about me and Joey's relationship. Like you said I know she's just trying to look out for me but at the same time there comes a point where you just wish you could make your own decisions without anyone putting their two cents in and just be happy for you. I can't go to my man's graduation either! But i'm going to see Joey while he's in tech school! I can't wait to just hug him and never let him go :D. It still kind of hurts that I can't go to his graduation but when I think about visiting him it just makes it all go away

You know we understand exactly how you feel!!! I always tell my mommy no one knows how I feel && no one can relate except for you lovely ladies! I appreciate you guys because you let me know what I have to look forward too! Richard is beginning week only 6more to go...OMG! lol

I know what you mean. I got my first letter at the beginning of week 3. Before that when I would tell my friends that I was writing him everyday, sometimes twice a day, they would respond with, "And how many has he sent you?" And when I would tell them none yet, but I know its not his fault, they would give me that disapproving look. Super frustrating. But thats why we're here! To share the excitement with you because we ALLLLLLL know how you feel! YAYAYAYAY for only three more weeks!

I think we all get it. I know some people, actually, everyone except you guys, when I say I got a letter or a phone call they're like, Well, that's great but, shouldn't he be talking to you more than that? And no one gets how like, little communication there is and how important a call or letter is. I don't know. But we alllll know what you mean. Hahah

My boyfriend's in flight 192, and I know, I'm soooo glad we've gotten this far! I have a feeling the last few weeks will go by so much faster!

Amen I couldn't agree more,..I find myself waiting for letters from tony! And when i get them I am so excited and happy! My mom tries to like hide the letters from me lol. But i always find them! What flight is your boyfriend in?!? My boyfriend is in flight 322. i can't wait to just be with him you know?! <br />
<br />
They start week 5 tomorrow!!!!! Only 3 weeks to go!! Its gone by so fast i can hardly believe it!=)

Of course we know what you mean! Lol everything you're saying has gone through my mind too :) especially the part about people not understanding how exciting it is to get letters or phone calls. To most people it doesn't seem like a big deal, but to us it's a HUGE deal... like, my entire life the past month (the past 2 weeks in particular) has pretty much revolved on waiting for a letter!<br />
<br />
And YAY for reaching the halfway mark - I'm at the same spot as you! It'll all be way easier from here! :)