So i was just going through my phone to look at recent called and I missed a 210 number on feb 5th. I don't even get how though like it didn't ring, it didn't say I had a missed called? I hate my phone. This is the second call I missed and there wasn't a voicemail : /. I feel so bad bleh.

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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I am almost postive he will understand. My phone when i am in my family won't recieve calls like at all, or texts. So i know what you mean. Just write him a letter explaining what happened, and It will all work out. Plus there will be more phone calls=) I am sure of it

Oye i hate when that happens, phones always seem to screw up one way or another when you're waiting for something important especailly from the people we care about . I'm sure he'll understand.

Dont worry about it! Im sure he's going to understand. Have you written to him and explained? Nick called me once on my cell phone and I missed it and I FREAKED. But he called right away on my house phone. Whew. He'll understand that your phone is on the fritz. I'd take it in and have someone look at it and see whats wrong?