Ohmygoodnesss ! ! !

So today I decided that I would take one last shot at talking to Tim telling him that I was done and if he wanted to talk to me then he knew how to reach me. Well, about 2 secs after I sent the text...Tim actually texted me back ! He was so confused and had no idea what I was talking about. So I asked if he had gotten my letter and he said that he had gotten in last week. I said that I knew he was busy but I thought he was ignoring me or something. He said he wasn't ignoring me and that I had no idea how busy he was. I got the nerve to ask him what he had thought of the letter and it took him a long time to respond. SO finally I told him that we didn't have to talk to him about it right now. (After not having any communication for almost 3 months it was nice just to talk to him). Now I'm still waiting  for him to say something and I'm a little worried / :

Well he never responded and I heard nothing from him today ): I'm honestly terrified right now. Ive never been this vulnerable to a guy before and I don't think I can handle having my heart broken once again.

Ahh I sound so whiny lol.

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hey call him or you will lose him ,right?