Now I Feel Silly....and Totally Embarrassed :(

Sigh. Well my stubbornness payed off. I mean, we've been together for a year. I was with him through basic, Ive been with him this whole time. He was with me through all of the crazy family issues Ive had to deal with. We've always been there with each other. There was no way I was going to let a little stress on his end ruin us. So I wouldnt let him off of the phone until I got everything out and then made him tell me EVERYTHING he was feeling. And in the end he told me he's just super stressed and nervous about his first block test and he acted without thinking. He doesnt realize that I UNDERSTAND this. I'm totally okay if he needs a few hours with his phone turned off to study. I wont be upset or offended. Of course, we're not 100% golden. We cant just act like this didnt happen. But we're going to be okay.

Boy, was THAT scary. Im sorry about my little freak out...Im really embarrassed lol But when it happened all I could think about was,"I NEED MY EP GIRLS!" And, of course, you ladies didnt fail me :) A few of my friends (non-military girlfriends, of course) talked to me about it and told me that if he was going to do that, that he wasnt even worth it. But no one understands the kind of feelings I share with this boy. And that he IS worth it. And will always be worth it. Well, no one except for you girls. I cant thank any of you enough for talking to me and offering words of encouragement. Like I said, I consider you girls to be my friends. Not just internet friends, but real friends. You all have incredibly kind hearts, and I hope I help you girls out as much as you've helped me. I love you guys!

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I'm so happy you guys are working it out Devon ! I knew you would (:

Don't be embarrassed! It is completely natural to have that reaction...or well at least I did haha. I'm glad things are getting better now!!! :)

Oh no! What did I miss!? I'm glad everything is okay. And I'm glad he stayed on the phone with you so you could work it out. Whatever happened. I think what's best about being a part of this site is that we really DO get what they're going through, and I barely feel like a civi anymore because I feel like I'm such a big part of this whole Air Force lifestyle because of all I've learned and having you girls as my go to friends, it's basically my whole world. Haha And we totally know how much they're going through and only want to support them, even if that means no talking to conquer something tough. I'm glad everything is okay now! You really are like the go to couple, I'd be so sad if something bad happened.


Thanks girls! My freak out was probably totally unnecessary, but when something like that happens I cant help but get scared :(

You scared me for a minute!! lol, I read your story, then I couldnt comment because it was gone! Im like ommmgggosh is she ok over there?? I was thinking like Deevon just needs to calm down things will be ok!! But Im glad you worked things out! (smile)

I'm really glad that everything worked out for you deevon. I am really happy for you. I didn't acutally get to read what happened but You know we are all hear for you whenever you need us. Were like out own little family on here! Seriously:)

Im soo glad that you worked everything out! :)

Yay, I'm glad you guys worked it out - I had a feeling you would! These things happen, it's inevitable, but I'm glad you worked through it :) things like this end up making your relationship stronger in the long run!