Me & My Airman

Well I met him in high school, We knew each other and talked on occasion but never really had interest in each other. Well thats what I thought. Come to find out he told me later that he liked me from the day he met me. haha Anyways. We started talking in may of 08, and we just really hit it off. We became good friends but did not date until that October. In February he decided to join the airforce, he left that following march. We went through our rough patches while he was away but we made it work.  I know now that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and no matter what i will be faithful and make it work.  We just received news that he will be leaving for iraq in June. =(   We have maintained a strong and healthy relationship for a yr and 5 months and I dont plan on giving up anytime soon. I love my airman & will be by his side through it all!

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Hello there and welome to the site! Its really good you guys were able to maintain a very good relationship while he was away. He is getting shiped to iraq? That is hard, but if you work at it there is no doubt in my mind it will work. My friends fiance is a marine and he is in iraq on Infiltry and he seems to write he like almost everyday, and she gets flowers randomly. So just stary strong and hang in there, if you need anything the girls on here are amazing to talk to! I am rachel by the way its nice to meet you=)

Hey there! That's great that you guys have such a great relationship. I feel the exact same way about my guy. He's totally the best thing that has ever happened to me. Stay Strong! You've came to the right place, if ya ever need anyone to talk to we're all here for ya.=)