Yayyyy =)

I don't write much on here, but I read everything and I just felt like sharing how MAJORLY excited I am because from March 13th (very early morning) until March 17th (early evening), I will be staying with Tom on his base in Nebraska. =D It'll be my first time on a base and also my first time on a plane, so I'm pretty excited and nervous at the same time. AND that's also the weekend that I believe my best friend will be graduating from Navy bootcamp, so that makes it even better. =)

I'm kind of curious as to what it's like on a base though... like getting on it and once you're on it. And it's his actual base that he's stationed at (not tech school or anything--done with that, thank goodness), so he says I'll be able to stay in his room there with him. Anyone know if that's true for sure? I sometimes doubt his sources. Lol. Any info would be great. =D Thanks! =)

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Hahaha thanks! And ya, I'm only bringing a carry-on. I got all my travel-sized things already. lol =)

Are you taking a carry-on or checking a bag? I was really nervous when I first took a carry on but just go to the airlines website and you can read a bizillion things about it and you'll be fine! Just remember no liquids over 3 oz. :) And be prepared to take off your shoes haha. Once you do it once you will be a pro. Have an amazing time!!!

You get to be on base?? Sounds kool.

Thank you so much!! That was like incredibly helpful!!! He's told me they don't really care if you stay in the rooms, but I feel much more confident about it hearing it from someone else, too. =P<br />
And all of that other information is great, too! I'm even more excited now and I wasn't sure that was possible. Lol. And YAY for you, too! March 13th is certainly a good day. =)<br />
The only part about flying that makes me nervous is having to go through security and making sure I do everything right. haha But I'm sure I'll get through it. He's obviously worth it. lol

Being on a base it pretty cool. If he comes and picks you up in his vehicle when he drives on base he just has to show his military ID and it doesn't matter who all else is in the vehicle. BUT...you technically are suppose to go to the visitors center right when you get there and get a pass for how ever long you stay there. (Just in case sometimes at the gate they will do a random have to check everyone's ID's and if you have a pass then you are good-even if not though you can get one from teh guys at the gate). Once you are you can pretty much go anywhere and do whatever the base has to offer. If you go to the BX there you can't personally buy anything, he has to show his military ID. As fo staying in his room...well you can but there is a curfew (I think the technical one is like midnight or something then you can come back at 6 in the morning....BUT everyone that I know just has their girlfriends stay with them in there rooms :) I have done it many of times because I fly down to see Doug and I don't want to have to pay for a hotel room on top of my airfare and everything else. As long as you are with him you will be fine :) Usually no one major will just pop into his room un announced. I once had to stay over night in a hotel room on base because they were having an inspection but they had days and days advance warning so you will be fine! Is he taking off of work while you will be there? It is always nice not having to wait for him to get off of work...though I have stayed my fair share in his room while he was not there and I've been spooked quite a few times but nothing has happened even then and no one really cares anyway. Like, all of the dorm managers knows that it happens and they don't do anything about it so it is pretty cool! Have fun with your guy!!! And actually, I am also excited for March 13th because that is when some friends of mine and me are driving down to visit Doug again :) Yay!!! Oh, and have fun on your first flight!!!! I was kind of terrified for mine but once I just did it and got it over with I am absolutely hooked on flying and do it all of the time now by myself :) If you have any more specific questions or anything feel free to ask :) I think I am also your friend on Facebook? I can't remember if you posted your name up there but I am Kyndra :) Have fun girl! We will both be counting down the days till March 13th!!!!