Over-emotional Haha

Brent and I were on the phone last night and sometimes I'll do this thing where I go down memory lane for like an hour and just say things from our awkward relationship beginnings to when we first lived together and things that I heard that he said from his friends along the way... and I don't know if all of you know how Brent and I met. But he sent me a friend request on MySpace (we had mutual friends lol, it wasn't like a creepy thing ahah) and normally, I wouldn't pay a bit of attention to any friend request. I think I got like 3 at the same time Brent added me. But for some reason I went to his profile. And I've told him this a million times, that I never looked at profiles and that we're so lucky that I did look at his and start talking to him.

Here's how the conversation played out:

Me: "You know, if I had never looked at your profile or commented on your picture and said you were cute, we may have never ever met like we did. And I probably would have been just some annoying girl on your friends list posting bulletins about stupid sh*t that would have gotten on your nerves like they all do. And I would have gone through high school doing nothing fun or interesting and gone to some college like USC or Coastal and I never would have met anyone" ... I'm crying my eyes out at this point... "because there is no one else out there for me. If you and I never met like we did, it wouldn't matter that I didn't know you... you're still the only one for me. Because the way things DID play out, it makes it hard to not belive in some sort of fate or higher kind of power pushing me to you.. SOMETHING made me be with you. We are meant to be together."

He was just like... You are being sooo sweet tonight. I cried for like two straight hours because I was talking about HAPPY stuff. I guess it's that time of the month plus wedding stuff plus all kinds of stuff just getting to me haha.

I just really felt like sharing that.

Have A Happy USAFGF Day! :)

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That is so so cute!

awe This story was so sweet! It made me so happy.. Lol! Its amazing how reading other peoples stories can do that to me lol! Everything does play out for a reason, and i don't even question why things happen the way they do because its just the way things are suppose to be. You and Brent are meant to be. I think everyone on here never thought they would find the "one" but i think we all did. Most people spend a lifetime trying to find true love, but not us.. We all got the good guys! There are not that many out there, but all us USAFGF'S got great mean.. (From what i can read). I am sorry i got off on a tangent. BUt i am so happy for you!! hAPPY USAFGF day to you too=)