Our First Argument

Wednesday I got a call from Chris and I was so happy. The conversation was long and I enjoyed it. He said he's call he the following day. He didn't. That Friday he didn't. That Saturday he didn't but I did get to chat with him on Facebook for like 2 minutes where he tells that he promises that he'll call me Sunday.

That Sunday around 9:52pm he does call me but since I was in a bad mood about feeling so alone and not having my computer to keep me busy the conversation didn't start off well. He tells me that he's fine other than the fact that he is always busy and that he missed that days when he didn't do anything. (the days he only saw me once a week) I got really upset when he told me that the only thing he needed were me Terrence, the best friend, video games and filming. I got upset because I feel like I have to compete with Terrence. he's always in the same boat as I am. When I'm mentioned so is he. I don't feel special at all. After trying to calmly explain he wasn't getting how I felt so I pretty much yelled at him. He sternly told me to calm down but soon afterwards to get off his roommates phone so he could talk. He told me he'd call me back but never did.

I don't know what to do. I cant pay attention in class. I don't know how he feels about me. I don't know when or if he will contact me again since he still does not have a charger for his phone. But I'm still upset about Terrence being Just as important as I am. The only person I want right now is Chris but he wants me and other people. I don't wanna be jealous of his friends anymore. I want to mean more to him. I wish he would just understand and open up to me. Distance is suppose to make the heart grow fonder, why isn't he growing fonder? Or will other people always be more important than me?

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I know what you two mean but I just don't understand because Ive never really had best friends or even friends before. But I was overreacting by yelling at him. Now sadly I don't even know when we are going to talk again so I can apologize. I'm going to go cry some more :'(

Yeah, I have to agree. Just because my girls are way more important to me than any boy because they will ALWAYS be there for me. And yeah a lot of the time I'll sacrifice girl time for him, and yes I love him, my girls are my girls. And I respect Jeremy's boys because they've been best friends since kindergarten, and that's a bond you can't break. If he's disrespectful to you around them and things like that, or blows you off repeatedly for them, then its a problem. But he just wants two of the people he loves he most (in different ways of course ahaha) to be around him. Cause you and his boy make him the happiest. And don't worry, the stress gets to them as we see many a time on here, just give some time for both of you to cool down and it'll be okay. :)

well give him time to settle down hes probably really <br />
stressed out and busy...<br />
and im sure that u mean a lot to him...<br />
but hes always gna have his bestfriend whos<br />
been there for him for a long time....<br />
just like you have your girls that mean a lot to you...<br />
he cares bout u guys differently...<br />
hes gna include his best friend in stuff <br />
thats just life...just cuz thats his bestfriend doesnt mean<br />
that he means more then u....<br />
you bf is in love with u...<br />
he just cares about his best friend...<br />
these times is when he need the ones closeest to him most...<br />
dnt get jealous he loves u im sure =)