17 Days

onlyyy 17 more days until Chris graduates basic holy cow I can hardly contain my excitement! I even bought a new bra from Victorias secret that makes me boobs like 2 sizes bigger WOO! I mean why not haha. He's going to be all buff and hot I should be too! And is it weird that I bought him a build a bear wearing camo underwear and the air force blues little outfit for him to keep at tech school....? haha I know it's a stuffed bear but I made a little recording in it too! la la laaa 17 days wooooooooooooooooo! I feel very lucky through this whole experience that he has gotten away with sneaking letters into the mail box when he is on his way to church. Without the letters I would have probably died. I feel so much better these days, no more crying myself to sleep...but hey maybe I'm speaking too soon. I still have my days but they aren't as bad. It's so much easier to stay positive when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today he has officially started BEAST week and his TI made him BEAST moniter or leader or something like that. I am worried about him but I think since he loves MREs and rolling around in the dirt he will be just fine.

Isn't it weird how an experience like this totally flips your mind set about everything.. Whenever we get a chance to talk it's always like, wow this has really put things in perspective for me and now we know we want to marry each other. before he left we weren't even sure if it was a good time to move in let alone get engaged! but now I realize time with my man is so special and that I never ever want to take it for granted or waste it again. All the stupid pointless fights... jealousy is out the window from here on out since this has showed both of us truely how much we care for one another. I feel like we'll be stronger than ever.
Silly things like that don't matter and I refuse to waste any time with things like that ever again. After your boys got back from basic, did your relationships change at all for the better? I feel like everyhing will be SO different when he's back. This has given me so much time to think, I never in a million years thought I could mature more in 2 months than I have in the past 18.5 years of my life.

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Congratulations. I hope you have fun at the graduation. ^_^

Jahny1 My guy graduates march 5th too!! Chelchacha- Horray for it only being 17 days away untill he graduates. Tony graduates a week after your man! =)

ahh yeah i heard him say sir on the phone and i was like awwww who are you?!!! haha he used to be super laid back and just like yeah whatever so the sir thing really makes me laugh

When my hubby (hehe, we're gonna be legally married tomorrow, wedding's not til April though) graduated basic, lots of things were different, but for the BETTER. I could tell that he appreciated me so much more and all the time during basic he came to the conclusion he wanted to marry me! So yay! Haha you will notice a lot of differences in how respectful he is... like "sir, ma'am, sir, ma'am" everywhere he goes. It's so cute, you'll giggle! HAHA!

ah yes i get my letters every wednesday too! he probably does the boys are all soo sneaky lol lets just hope they don't get caught ahh!!you are getting married right after graduation!? OMG congratulations!!!!! how long is his tech school?

Awe, that was so cute! I wonder if my guy sneeks his letters in the mail on Sundays too, because they have been bent up and arrive on Wednesday...lol I agree they keep me sane as well I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read his letters. I'm so happy for yall... My Guy Graduates on March 5th and we are getting married friday after Graduation, I feel like everything happens for a reason and time apart like this can truly test your love for each other. It's hard to be away but at the same time it's so worth every second.