And Another One!!

for all you girls who really understand I have to get this out! the other day christopher texted me from basic (i have no idea how) telling me he would call soon. that was at 9 am so the day rolls on and my phone is attatched to me like a baby. it is almost like it's superglued to my hands i will not leave it. well around 230pm or 3 I am losing hope and I go to do my laundry n the room next door to my room. I left my phone on my bed and all of a sudden a hear this sound my phone makes when i've missed a call. i drop all my clothes and freak out and run sliding all over the place to my room only to eat it super hard right before i reach my phone. I pick it up and i see the area code and I'm like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD AHHHHHHHH. then I get quiet and he calls again so I'm totally relieved and happy

my friend comes to my after saying she and my mom were listening the whole time down stairs and they heard me pounding as a run to my room and the huge boom when I tripped over all my stuff on the floor (i shouold probably clean for next times sake)the scream and then dead silence. she's like "at that point we decided you missed his call and I decided to come up since I knew you were probably crying" i'm like WHATEVER BEEOTCH HE CALLED ME BACK SO HAH! since she was just laughing so hard she was crying the whole time she told the story. I mean if she is ever in this situation and misses a call from her man I will be like HAH!

most stressful like 10 minutes of my whole life i swear. And I am so sure you guys know exactly where I'm coming from!!! lol

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I God I've done that one more than once. Such a bad feeling, good thing he called back!!

I know exactly where you arte coming from! You want to be there all the time just in case he calls, I know i would die if i ever missed one of tony's calls. We all understand.. You can always vent to us!