First Week Is Over!!

Heyyy Girlies!!


Im feeling very good right now! The first week was sooo tough for me, but Ive been feeling good for these last couple days! Today Richard's mom called with his address! Soo I have four letters to send to him && Im going to be sending him a Valentines day! Im in a very good mood! I just cant wait to hear from long do you guys think it will be before I hear from him?? Ive already got into the habit of checking the mailbox twice a day lol

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Well, Jeremy seems to get my letters a week after I send them, which is pretty good I think. He might get them Monday, whenever they have mail call which I still am not sure of. But Probably by Monday or Tuesday he'll get them for sure. And yeah, they do most of their writing right before bed, sneaking it. I hope he can start to write soon!

I take my phone in the bathroom with me just in case tony does happen to call. I know crazy but i can't help it. He might be able to read them all this week.. but then again i don't know because tony told me he is so far behind on reading my letters, i think it all depends on how much free time they get, and what their ti's are like. See tony's ti's are tough, so they have little free time. BUt tony like "secretly" writes me when he is not suppose too.. Lol I think every girls boyfriend does that though. I am so happy your feeling better!! Try and keep yourself busy becasue that will make it go by faster.. and since your in school at toledo that shouldn't be hard at all=) If you need anything just message me!=)

Thanks Emily! I just mailed off 5 letters to him! So do you think he will be able to read them atleast this week? && because of the crazy dreams I phone has already become a limb! I hate being in the shower too long! lol this is crazy. But thanks for the support! Im feeling sooo much better.

Yeah, I heard from Jeremy on day 18, which seemed like it was right when they were able to start sending. He left the 15th of December and it was postmarked the 30th. So just keep patient, another week and a half you can REALLY start stalking your mailbox. Haha And having your phone basically as another limb. I seriously don't even pee without it at least a foot away. lol! Congrats on having your first week down! It's definitely the hardest. Oh, and he's going to be so excited to get your letters! Keep strong, girlie. :)

it feels sooo good! lol

Youve gotten over that first hump AND now you get to write letters everyday, It gets easier from here. ^_^

Thanks girlies!! Lets hope this next week goes by fast (which Im sure it will)

Horray!!!! I told you would be getting it soon!! Well i heard from tony at the very end of his second week, but if you don't hear from him by the end of this week you will hear from him by week there! Horray for finally getting his address!!! i am glad to see your feeling better!!

Yay for the first week being OVER! Its always the hardest. I heard from Nick at the beginning of week 3, which seems to be the case for a lot of people. So week 3 is the golden week! Lol Glad to see you're feeling better!

haha aww yay!!!!! I remember finally feeling SO relieved when I got Chris' adress. I got my first letter from him on day 16 I think. So a little over 2 weeks into it he was allowed to write me. Write him every day girl!!