Leave A Day Early? Okay!

Hey girls :)


I don't come on here much anymore. I see there are lots of new girls to the group! Congratulations to all of you for becoming a United States Air Force Girlfriend :) You're in the best of hands now. You won't find any other group quite like this one! I can finally say Tucker's 8 1/2 weeks of Basic Military Training are coming to an end. Girls,...Nikki, Allie,Devon...everyone....thank you so much for everything you have done. Helping me, supporting me, giving me a wake up call when I needed it :), and giving me a friendship I know will last a lifetime. I'm getting emotional writing this because you girls seriously mean SO much to me. I can't thank you enough for what you've done. ....Happy tears! :')

 Well Tucker's graduation is Friday, February 12th. Originally we were suppose to fly out of Boston around 4 on Wednesday. Wellllll, there's a snow storm coming. (Thank you Mother Nature!) So it's most likely going to be cancelled, and there are no fights going out to Texas Thursday-Friday. Luckily there was room on a flight leaving tomorrow so Tucker's mom snatched up some seats. Looks like I'm leaving a day earlier than planned! :) I'm bringing my laptop with me so I'll have updates/pictures on Facebook every night when I can't sleep, lol.


I love you girls and hope everyone's well. Getting lots of letters/phone calls....skype dates ;)

For girls with boys at BMT- stay strong, hold in there. It'll be over before you know it. It's worth every heart broken second in the end, I promise you. :)

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Aw I'm so excited for you :) davids graduation was the best weekend of my life! Nothing beats the feeling of that first hug :)

Congraulations!!=) I hope you have a lot of fun while you are gone. Have a safe trip, and dont let go of Tucker when you see him lol! I hope you have a lot of fun, and keep us updated.. you know were going to be here for a lifetime!=)

Yayyyyyy! I'm so excited for you. You must do everything with extra.. extra.. whatever, since I can't be there. This has been SUCH a journey and I am so glad to have had you there to go through it with. I'm so happy that you're finally going to see this wonderful boy of yours and start the rest of your lives together. I hope you have an amazing time, again, take LOTS of pictures. (Maybe you can sneak one of 331 TRS/FLT 147 ? Ahah jk) I can't wait to hear about everything when you get back!


Wow the BMT process went by pretty quickly. I actually remember the day I first saw you join EP. I hope you enjoy graduation and keep us updated ^)^.

Aww Beth I remember when you first joined this site! And then when you and Tucker decided to get engaged and everythinggggg! So excited for you! You're going to have so much fun! I wish I could re-live Nick's graduation weekend over and over. Take lots of pictures and make sure to share all of your stories with us when you get back :)

Aww that's great Beth ! I'm so happy you could catch an earlier flight. (: Just 2 more days !