well ladies my bf and I are over. I loved him with everything and i still do but he has emotionally destroyed me. I have tried over a year to get him to open up to me and he couldnt. Its really sad and he is a very messed up guy. He knows this.. he is like numb to everything.. He loved me and he cared about me but he refused to show it. He said the words but ZERO ACTION.. when i say ZERO i mean it.. i have felt like i have been dating a brick for the past 2 months.. he is the same way with his mom and family. he is just very cold. Hes mom will say I love you and he will answer K. she has called me crying... but i wanted to spend my life with this man. but i cant have a happy life with someone with no feelings. so i have to be strong enough to let him go on his own and see what he does. and I told him 10000000 times that i would help him and be whatever he needed and every time he would say im fine ill ttyl... i have cried for a month every night and i cant allow myself to stay with someone that does that to me and it doesnt effect him.. when i asked him if he felt bad he said well not really i dont feel anything. but i do kinda feel like a jerk. that crushed me.. then i told him i was gone and 100% out of his life he would never hear from me again. i would say goodbye to his family and that i wished him the best but i need to be strong and make myself happy. ive tried to make him happy for a year and i cant :[ he then cried and all he said was i dont want to loose you but i dont want to be your bf cuz you are an amazing girl and LOOSING YOU IS A HUGE MISTAKE but you dont deserve to be treated like ****.. i said well its in your hands and i really really hope you pull through. he said goodnight and hung up.. ive cried for 10 hours and i dont know where my life will take me... but

i love you girls and i could never have made it this far without you ladies.. i am stilll gunna come on here sometimes and stay close with you girls cuz i need you now more than ever....   i have been and AF gf for over a year and i hope i still can help you girls!!


love you all


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I know that i really dont know you very well because i just started this site like a month ago, but reading this I hope you know how strong of a person you are. It is really hard to do this especially when you love them. But sometimes it has to hurt before it gets better.. and you really are doing the best thing for yourself.. because i dont know anyone who would want to live their life with someone who cant show love. & who knows maybe he will come around.. but even if he doesnt, the future will be so much better for you because of this decision. Hang in there.. it will get better!

:( im so sorry to hear this love.<br />
i know that has to be hard to deal with. <br />
when Arthur and i broke up, it was also hard<br />
for me to come on this site because of the memories.<br />
but, it will get easier to deal with! Arthur & I are back together,<br />
so just know that whatevers meant to be will happen. Stay strong<br />
& keep your positive attitude. continue to post, you were always a big help !

I am so sorry Devon!=( I know i have not been on here that long, but you have helped me out a lot in teh short amount of time i have been on here!=( Maybe things will end up working out. Maybe he will realize how much of a jerk he was, adn how great of a girl you really are. I know its really hard, but you deserve the best. I dated a guy without emotions, and it was the hardest thing ever for me to do because i always have a tendency to show my emotions.. he never did so we ended it. I wish you the best and i hope you still come on here and keep us updated!=) YOu are a strong girl for being able to end it like you did.. Keep you head up.. good things will come your way=)

Oh No :( I understand how difficult it is dating a guy with no emotion. If you ex was a brick wall mine is made of steel. Its so hard sometimes and I'm such a emotional person so dealing with the dry words hurt so much. Since I yelled at my bf for treating me so "dryly" sunday we haven't talked at all. I know my situation varies from yours but I think I can comprehend where your coming from. This is hard but you made this decision for you, you were unhappy and you're doing something about it. It takes a strong woman to leave the person they love when things aren't changing for the better. <br />
<br />
Youve been here waaaay longer than I have so no matter what happens you'll always be an AFGF. <br />
<br />
Hope we stay in touch!!

I know how you feel, for a while, at my huge doubting time, I couldn't even comment because I was just so drained and couldn't be encouraging. But give it some time. And if you ever need anything, facebook! I'm always here if you need to talk/vent/rant whatever, even though I'm sure you have tons of supportive people around you.

Thanks girl soo much :] i am lucky to have a great support through friends and family and ill get through it. This site kinda kills me to go on cuz of all the memories but i cant let go of it!!! its been so awesome and the people on here are truly amazing :]

Oh Devon, I'm so sorry. Its true though, it wasn't fair to you. You're really strong for making this decision, and hopefully he realizes this funk he's going through is ruining everything and pulls himself out of it. I hope he comes around but if not you are a wonderfully strong girl and you'll get through this. And I just saw you were pinned! (Creepy facebooker right here.) Congrats on that! You have amazing things ahead of you, and I'm sure he'll realize what a huge thing he's lost soon enough.