Whats Meant To Be, Will Always Find A Way <3

Well girls, i am a USAF GF again (:

Arthur & i are back together. its a lonng story, but to make it short.. he realized that nothing is the same without me & that no other girl can compare to me. he sincerely apologized for everything, & i believe that everyone deserves a second chance. i went to his house on Sunday and he deleted every girl off of his MySpace and Facebook, besides his family. gave me both his passwords for that. sent a forwarded message to all the girls in his phone saying that me & him are working things out and he'd appreciate no calls or texts or anything. he let me delete all of their contacts out of his phone. & all of that wasn't even my idea. i asked him 7856398580 million times if that's really what he wanted to do, and he said yes every time. So, hopefully it all works out and he's able to gain my trust & respect back. I'm not going to put my whole heart into it this time though, because you never know what can happen. I just feel really complete with him in my life.


Hope all is well with you girls (: 


 our reuniting kiss (: hehe

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thank you ! (:

Awhh Congrats girl! Thats so exciting and he really is trying to show you that he's for real! Soo happy for you.

What an encouraging story! This really made me smile :) And he's trying so hard! Im glad it all worked out and Im so glad to see you happy again! :)

thanks girls, for being happy for me (:<br />
he does seem very sincere, if he didnt care about me he wouldnt have done all of that im sure. because before he would tell me there is no point in trying to work things out because nothing would ever be the same. but now he is doing everything he can to make things go back to normal or atleast close to how things used to be, & thats how i know he truly cares! im so happy!

OMG!! This is great. I'm so glad that he's PROVING to you that he is serious about being truthful by removing all the other females. Congratulations on getting your love back and becoming a AFGF...again. lol

Awe!!!!! The picture is so cute!!! I love it!

Awwwwww! I'm really glad it worked out. He did some pretty mean things so make sure he really does make it up to you, but it seems like he wants to make sure you know he's for real this time. And I sincerely hope he is. You two are adorable together. :) Good luck!

everything is going pretty good for me.. That's great that he realized that! Awe I am so happy for you! It makes me happy when good things happen to people!!

Thanks girl (:<br />
yes he really realized what he lost & im glad he did.<br />
<br />
hope everything is working out for you too!<br />

Awe Congratulations!! Everything always works out for the best. I believe that you never knwo what you got untill their gone.. maybe thats what he did. I am still kinda new to this site, but I am very excited and happy for you! Welcome back! I hope everything works out for you!