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:D Hey Girls!

Well, I just wanted to say.. I got my book today called Seperated by duty United by love! I am very excited to read it! I heard it was really good so I am pretty anxious to get started on it. Also, I bought a coloring book and with tony's card i was going to color him a picture ( i don't care if he gets crap for it lol... It only matters what he thinks) I got him a good luck card becuse next week he is going into beast week.. I thought it would be cute to get him a good luck card considering it's the beast week.,. Lol. I have sent him a birthday card, a i miss you card, a valentines day card. I am going to send him a good luck card, and i found this card with a bear hugging and it says I just wanted to give you a hug.. Did you feel it? I thought it was cute! Lol.. aND I GOT HIM a graduation cared because i can't go to his graduation=( 

THis whole experience has gone by so fast. I can't believe that he will be graduating in less then 4 weeks! i still remember when i dropped him off and i couln't even look at him because we both were crying. i am telling you this experience is making me a stronger person and its making my love grow for him even more every day! I can't wait to be able to hold him again! i ALSO can't wait to be with him for the rest of my life.l I never though i would have found the right man for me and i would want to get married to him so soon. But girls, i know in my heart that tony is the right guy for me, and he truly completes me. He makes me a better person! I love him sooooo much!! Sorry this is so musy I can't help he he is running through my mind today and i wanted to share with people who i consider my best friends! Thanks for listening to me girls! I hope everyone is getting letters and phone calls!! I love you girls!


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I'm not seeing him this weekend. I'm studying abroad in London and can't get there. :( But its okay, I'll get through it. He'll have a webcam soon enough and hopefully we'll patch things up and make everything wonderful again. And I got it at this card store here in London. They had some really awesome cards, but I had to choose that one. lol

Emily- I bet you can't wait to go and see Jermemy this weekend!!! i am so excited for you! i know its going to fly by these next couple of weeks, I can't wait till he is out of BMT so we can at least talk! I love your card!! Its awesome! And so big!! Where did you find it?? I am always buying tony things.. like today i bought the Time travelers wife.. just so when he gets back we can watch it together- plus i really want to see it anyways lol. You have to keep me updated on how graduation goes!=) Congratulations on making it through BMT!!<br />
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Lovejjw- I haven't started reading it yet but i am going to here in a little bit! I CAN'T wait to start reading it!! I will have to stop reading it when i get to that part too... I think it will help.. Well not help but you know what i mean! I can't believe its beast week already.. I remember when i first read your story and i was like "Omg Jay and Tony are going to be graduating the same week!" lol.. I think our boys will do great at the beast. I hope he likes the card.. I just love sending him random things.. I want him to feel like i am still there.. you know? And if he was here i would be doing some of the same things i am doing now!=)<br />
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KiyarmeruGeisha- Yes cards! I have been sending them since week 3! Lol.. because his birhtday was at the end of January. Its never to late to send a card!=)

Cards? Brilliant idea!!!!!! For some reason I didnt think of that. *drops head in shame*

I have that book! I bought it the day Jay left haha and it really helped me to stay positive. I read halfway through it because the other half is about living together and kids which I'll probably read about in the future but don't need to yet (: Ahh beast week next week for our boys they must be nervous! It's like hey happy valentines day you guys prob miss your girls but you get to live in tents and work extra hard lol. The good luck card is such a cute idea (: I'm sure he will love it!

I feel like you're handling this all very well. And I too sent Jeremy tons of cards. I ordered a bunch of really dorky video game themed ones from and sent those. And his graduation card is HUGE. I had a blast finding the perfect one. I'll see if I have a picture of it. I think it was fun, always having him on my mind and buying little things here and there. It made me miss him a lot less... or.. the miss I had for him wasn't sad, it was like I miss you but I can't wait to see you kind. I also cannot go to his graduation which is actually THIS weekend. It's killing me, but I know I'll get through it. And you will too! I feel like beast happened yesterday for me/him and it's already graduation. It's going to fly by now.<br />
<br /> The card, btw.