Uhhh Oh!! =(

Ok!! I made a mistake!


On Richards address, when his mother read it to me i thought she said...

324TRS/ SLT 247


when its really

324TRS/FLT 247

do you girls think this will call a problem?? Omg Im worried because I just mailed 5 letters like that!

I hope it will be ok!! =(

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They will still get it!! When I talked to Richard this past sunday, he said he had gotten all my letters, he just wasnt allowed to write back. So Im sure Ryan has yours!

I did that exact same thing!

DOnt worry about it. Im sure the AFB know what you meant. Your airmans full name is on the envelope and you have all the numbers correct. I bet he got everything so dont worry. ^)^

Lol, ohh goodness everyone was pretty jacked up! lol thats funny. But thanks girls, I knew you would all now!

Nopee it'll be totally fine..I made the same mistake only i put FLT 162 instead of 167..and all of my letters got there. :) I don't think anyone gets the right address the first time. Your fine no worries.

Yeah, I actually realized I'd been writing the address wrong when I saw Amber's address on her facebook. And none of mine were late or not delivered. So I think its okay. Ahaha

I think EVERYONE messes up the address at first. Mine was a mess. All of the Ts were Gs and Ms and Ns. Oy. But, like everyone said, as long as his name is on it it'll be fine :D YAY for being able to finally mail out letters!

I am pretty sure it will still get to him.. he might write you back and be like its Flt not Slt but it will be just fine.. i made a mistake on tony's address too but he has gotten all of my letters so far=) so you are good to go

Ok, I have hope now! Thanks girls, I knew you all would know! =)

Nope, you'll be fine. Some one else did the same thing and it was fine. And the postal service takes extra care when they see its a military letter, so they'll figure it out.

ok, I hope so! I couldnt believe I did that! lol. and wow what a coincidence!

I think it will probably be ok. I'm sure ppl make mistakes like that all the time. They'll know what you're talking about i'm sure! By the way, my boyfriend was in the 324th TRS when he was in basic too :)