Soooo.... Nick got stationed at Misawa AB in Misawa, Japan. When I heard this, I was devastated. I was like great now I'm gonna be here going to grad school and he's gonna be thousands of miles away for 2 years. He is leaving at the end of March and I won’t graduate college until May. So I was just going to stay here in the states and finish up school (I’m going to school for Physical Therapy). BUT I made a different decision that I can’t wait to tell you girls about. School will ALWAYS be here. I can go back anytime, and even if I didn’t go back, it’s just a job. I can always find a job. However, I can’t always go to Japan. SO, we decided that when he comes home for Christmas, we’re gonna get married and I’m gonna go back with him!! I am so EXCITED that I can’t even stand it. Here I was thinking I was gonna have to be here for 2 years without him and just like THAT I’m going! Holy crap! JJI just love him! Is anyone else going with their husbands to Misawa? I’d love to know!

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He leaves at the end of March, but we're not getting married until December/January, then I'll go! So he'll be there almost a year before I come over.

I had to make the same decision (except i'm in my second semester of my soph year, i wish i was in grad school already haha). David and I are getting married in a few months and then going to Yokota AFB together! School will always be there, Japan with the man you love is a once in a lifetime experience :) <br />
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When do you guys leave?

Congrats girl ! I'm so happy for you (: This IS a huge opportunity and it's so great that you're taking advantage of it.

Thanks everyone! I knew you guys would be happy for me! Some ppl here (who don't understand the complexities of a military relationship) think I'm being hasty, but I think I'm making the best decision for me!

OMG Japan! How awesome!

Congrats!!!! I would do the SAME exact thing. Japan is such a great experience. If my boy gets to go...he BETTER take me! lol...but anywho...CONGRATS! you will love it. My friend lived on base over there for a year I believe with her mom && stepdad! She loved it soo much. She actually took classes over there && got a job as a substitute teacher. By the way, she was only 18 when she moved over there...with NO college degree..soo Im sure you would be able to get a job if you wanted to. smile =)

CONGRATULATIONS! this is a great story.. I am so excited for you.. =D im sure it is such a relief to go from havingto be away from him, to getting married.. its such a good thing to hear stories like this..

Awe!! Congratulations!! Your right school is always goign to be here.. but japan is a once ina lifetime thing! I am so happy for you!=)

Ahhhhh! That's a fantastic decision! I'm so excited for you. What an amazing adventure. :)