How The Air Force Saved My Relationship

So I've never actually shared my complete story on here yet, so here it is. Brace yourself ladies, this will be long! Jordan and I have been dating for a year now. I broke up with him once back in April for hanging out with a girl he knew I didn’t like and lied and hid it from me. She told people that her and Jordan were having sex and that he was over at her house like all the time. When I confronted him about this, he did tell me that he did go to her house occasionally, but he never actually cheated on me by kissing her or anything. I didn’t want to deal with this and just ended it, but he was persistent about getting me back and promised it would never happen again, so about 2 weeks later, I took him back. From then on we had been great, with hardly any problems at all.

Then he left for basic November 17th. One day, I was on Facebook and see that a girl he knew and talked to occasionally was blocked from mine. I know I didn’t do it and he’s the only other person that knows my password so obviously he did it. Since he’s not here for me to ask right away, I unblock her and add her as a friend. On my second phone call, I asked him why, and he just said she was a ***** and didn’t want her to talk to me, but they never hung out or anything, so I was just like alright, it’s whatever. But then this girl starts talking to me, and she tells me that he cheated on me with her sister, that he was over at their house all the time and they kissed and whatnot. I wanted to trust him, but a lot of what she said was believable and she even had pictures of him with them. I just had to ask him about this. I know that’s the last thing he wants to hear while he’s there, but I believe I deserved an explanation and I couldn’t just go on pretending everything was okay and give him the support and encouragement he wanted. I thought to myself, even if they just hung out, it’s over. Well he did tell me that they hung out like twice, but he didn’t do anything with her either. I just don’t see why he can’t tell me and tries hiding these things from me. I’m just like what else is he hiding from me and why can’t he just tell me if he didn’t do anything wrong? I mean he lied to me by saying he didn’t and would never hang out with her, when he clearly did. I planned on breaking up with him when I went to visit him graduation weekend. I know that’s harsh, but I was pissed. I mean it’s the second time he did the exact same thing, but with a different girl. I just didn’t think I’d be able to trust him ever again after that. So he got some pretty angry and unhappy letters from me while he was in basic, and I know it made it a lot harder on him because he really thought he was about to lose me. I was his motivation throughout basic and he was doing it for the both of us. He was even planning on marrying me when he got done with tech school. I mean this was just the absolute worst time for something like this to come up. I was already depressed about him being away and not getting to talk to him and be with him. I was all alone just thinking he did all this stuff and lied to me and broke all his promises. I just didn’t know what to do.

Well after many sad, apologetic letters, I decided to give him one last chance. I realize there are plenty of jealous ******* out there, and half of what this girl was saying were lies. I felt that he truly understood how much it hurt me, that it wasn’t okay to do that, and the distance made him realize how much I really meant to him and that he didn't want to go through life without me. So graduation finally came around. That was literally the best weekend of my life. All the love I had for him came rushing back to me the minute I finally saw him. It was just so great to be with him, be held by him, and when we kiss, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt with anyone else before. I know I truly love him with all my heart, and if I still thought I wanted to break up with him then, I would not have been able to do it. I can see in his eyes when he tells me he loves me and that it absolutely will not happen again, he really means it. I believe that basic has really changed him for the better. He's matured and grown up. He has more respect for me, and I can just feel that the liar that he was before is gone now, but he is still the same goofy person that I fell for. Now that he’s in tech school, we talk every night. I’d have to say we’re better than ever now, and this experience has definitely strengthened our relationship. If I found out about all before BMT, I wouldn’t have even hesitated to end the relationship. But now, we’re planning on getting married in May when he gets back! I know we’re meant for each other, I can just feel it! I wish I knew about this site back while he was in basic. It would've really helped me out, but I made it through! Well there’s my story, I told you it would be long, lol. Thank you for reading if you made it this far!  :)

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Lol I've been wanting to share this with ya'll for a long time, but never had the chance to write it all out! I don't know if I can thank you ladies enough. It's great to have such wonderful support from people that actually know and understand what I'm going through :)

Ive been wanting to read this story all day, but didnt have time!! But I totally understand where you coming from, its kind of like what me and my hunni have been through! In my opinion, alot of guys have a problem with monogamy. Me & Richard have a had a couple of problems with different females, but like you said...they are jealous. Thats your Man! (smile) Problems are always going to arise in relationships, you just have to work them out && get past it (words from Richard's uncle) lol. But Im happy for your guys! =)

Your relationship has been through its ups and down but i can tell that it happened only to STRENGTHEN your relationship. I'm so glad everything is working out for you. Keep love strength and hope alive!! ^)^

Thanks girls! I read your comments to Jordan and he said he smiled all throughout! :) I'm glad I've found this site. I love reading each and everyone's stories, it's too bad I didn't know about it during BMT, but it's okay now that I've found ya'll! You all are so wonderful and I'm glad to have found a group of women I can relate and talk to about this kind of stuff now. :)

WOW!! This story was long but i read every word of it. I loved every word of this story as well. i am very happy you guys worked things out.. and your right there are a lot of jelous people out there that want our good men.. But you guys made it through and that is so wonderful! Congratulations!=)

Aww Mariah ! I'm gonna say the same thing as Allie did...I loved every word of it ha'ha (: That is such a cute story and I'm so glad that you guys were able to work things out and that he has changed for the better.

Awwh! This sounds alot like me!! Me and Joey were having some problems with him being too controlling and what we had taken a break and had just recently decided to be together again while he was at basic. I told him he needed to make some changes and I feel like this whole experience has revived the person I fell in love with, but made him realize that I am a person and I can make my own decisions without him spoon feeding me everything. I love it now and I know that without the air force we would not be together either. Glad someone else has a similar story to mine :)

Ah I enjoyed every single word of it. I'm hoping for the same outcome as yours kind of, cross your fingers, I don't get to see him at his graduation, but I do get to see him via webcam soon enough! I definitely think BMT is a great thing for straightening out a guy (that can be straightened, because there are some really stubborn jerks out there I'm sure) and its lovely to hear you had such a happy ending. I know the feelings you went through during basic, and its really great you got through it without the site because that would have been so hard on me. I'm so glad you two are peachy keen now. (Ahaha I know I'm a dork with my slang). And it seems like such a sweet story! I love hearing about you girls. I feel like I get to know you so much better. :)