Another Update

So it's been 8 days since he got home and things just keep getting better and then immediately way worse. I think its the beginning of the end this time.


I hate everything.

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Some people handle the military differently. They teach you not to be emotional, and some people get stuck on that. He also isnt use, to haveing someone all over him all the time and being all lovey dovey. Give him time and im sure things will start to change. He needs time to re-adjust to being in a relationship.<br />
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Why is it everytime something happens everyone says i hate the air force??

Tell him this. Maybe he doesn't realize how serious it is. I don't know, I was really hoping things were okay according to facebook statuses but I guess not so much. I really want you to be happy, I wish I could kick him for you. Haha But yeah, you do have to confront him sooner or later if you want to at least attempt to fix it. Don't give up just yet.

I'm so sorry, hun. Maybe he's really worried about something and he's stressed out and doesn't want to be too harsh with you. He probably sees his backing off as a way to NOT hurt you (Yes men are that stupid) lol. Give him time to calm down but sooner or later you have to confront him (nicely) and ask him what the problem is. I know you two will work this out!!!! ^)^

He has given me a ton of "emotional" space like right now, he is sleeping in the other room and not talking to me., When I go near him he gets an angry posture and then ignores me. <br />
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I wanted nothing more than to have him back while we were apart for two months. Now i don't know. He seems like he doesn't love me now that we are back in the same place again. I f*cking hate the Air Force for being the thing that has put me through all of this.

Maybe you should like go stay with your fam for a few days or your friends?? even though you have had the space when he was in San Antonio, you may just need some space..

Oh no Juli whats wrong??

Awh :( I'm so sorry to hear that! I understand what it feels for thinking that things are starting to get better and then they just fall apart. It's the worst feeling in the world. Just try to ride it out for a few more days. If you haven't already, try talking to him and telling him how you feel..sometimes guys don't even realize what they're doing is annoying or even hurtful. If that doesn't work maybe you need to take some time away from each other. It's perfectly okay for people to grow apart sometimes. It may be the best for both of you. Just remember that when one door closes another opens :) either way i'm sure things will work out even if it doesn't feel like it right now. Just don't lose hope. Everything will be alright. :)