Another Letter

Got my 3rd letter today (: It wasn't too personal or long but it's better than nothing. He's really excited because for breakfast he gets pancakes eggs sausages bacon orange juice and hash browns. I thought the food there was suppose to be bad? haha. Well at the end he was like "I really miss you baby I'm so happy you're going okay. This will def make us stronger and ill end up marrying you." (: That's all I needed to hear haha. Hope you guys are all having a good day and hopefully we get calls on valentines day! 

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7 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Awe Congratulations!!=) I really hope we all get phone calls too.. I mean We should lol.. its the day before the beast! But who knows!! I am so excited for you!! Horray for letters!! I hope i get some tomorrow! Tony has been trying to wait to send them out untill he has like 3 or more.. SO its nice getting a lot of letters from him.. but i am ready for me i haven't gotten any since friday! Lol

Awwwww shot and sweet. DEFINITELY better than nothing. Congratulations on letter number 3

Omgosh Joey tells me all the time that he has like 3 minutes to eat and that hes super hungry all the time! haha but i'm soo glad that you got a letter! Soo cute! :)

That is so cute!

Aww yay :) yeah Colin said the same thing, they only have 3 minutes to eat but the food is good! And I hope we get calls Sunday too!

So cute! My letters got mushier and mushier haha I still read them all of the time :) The food there isnt bad, they just dont have a lot of time to eat. When Nick called me for the first time he was like, "Babe the only thing I want to do while you're down here is go somewhere and sit and eat for more than 3 minutes." And while I was down there for his graduation weekend we spent hours in restaurants because he took his dear sweet time eating lol I have my fingers crossed for your Valentine's Day call!

Aww so cute (: