I Haven't Heard From Him Since I Yelled At Him

Ever since I yelled at him on Sunday I haven't gotten anything. No phone call. No message online. Nothing. I know it's only been two days but every second I'm worried about how he feels. I want to talk to him and apologize because I haven't explained myself. I call his phone like 20 times a day hoping for a miracle but it never comes.

I know I sound insane right now but not hearing from him and not being able to contact him is killing me since we had an argument. The very few times we did fight we were okay within 3 minutes. But now....I'm just left wondering.


If I don't hear from him by Valentines Day....... :'(

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No he doesn't have internet yet. He doesn't have a computer so that's not happening. He said he'll buy a computer later on down the road. Which means not anytime soon. But he's want to buy that new T mobile touch screen phone with internet access for he can can on facebook and message me (so he told me when we talked 7 days ago). When will he be able to do that?? When he's able to leave base and get to a T Mobile store. When that will be?? I have no idea. I want to call his roommate and tell him to tell Chris to call me but I don't know the men, that'd be so rude of me. :( Well its 10:30 now so I have a feeling he's getting ready to go to sleep. Another day with now phone call. <br />
<br />
Thanks for being here for me girls. I'm about to leave a message explaining myself since we're not talking. :'(

OHH he's at tech school? Oh he'll for suree call. Don't worry. :)

Does he have his internet yet? He's been at tech a good while now, right? I'm sure its not as big a deal as it seems. He'll call soon enough. :)

Keep us postedd! :) and I just read this thing about every airman is entitled to a 15 min phone session once a week? ( assuming that they don't get in trouble and get their work done.) So I don't know if you already knew that or not but I didn't know that they for sure got one.. Thought it was good to know, He'll call. Just hang in there.

Thanks everyone!! Last week he was able to call me a little after I got in from school so I'm PRAYING the same thing happens today too. But I will leave a message apologizing and explaining myself. I just hope he gets his phone cut on soon. I'll continue to keep everyone updated ^)^

Just leave him a message. You know say your sorry and what not, and tell him that you'll quit bugging him and that this will be the last time you call. When he is ready, he will call you back. Im sure of it.

Heyy! I just got a chance to read this story.but you gave me a little background on facebook. I'm sure he realizes that your just stressed out and that the fight was silly. and you'll for sure here from him by if not ON Valentines day. Just keep your head up dear i'm positive that everything will work out just fine and who could blame you for being a little on edge! I think everyone is whenever you have to spend that much time apart. Don't worry. Just try to keep your mind off of it as much as possible. I know that the snow makes that kinda tough..but try your best. :) You guys are gonna be fine.

Thanks so much!! I'll do my best to stay strong but its so hard when almost everyone around me seems to be happy. I probably wouldn't feel this way if I got to see him during graduation. Im gonna try calling him again since its after nine....nope went straight to voicemail. :(

i am sure he is just thinking about what to say. You are going to hear from him by valentines day! He might just be busy, or just needs time to think. I dunno but Try and stay strong.. I know its hard.. I know when i don't hear from tony for a while i start getting worried.. but in the end everything ends up being just fine. Keep your head up! There has to be a reason as to why he is not getting a hold of you. I have my fingers crossed for you! If you need anything were all here for you=)