Yes, I Am A Nerd.

So I've been finally getting into playing Wow again (I've discussed this with a few of you so I figured I'd get some appreciation for what I'm about to say.) I was just questing and there was some guild talk and I mentioned how I was in London studying abroad and one girl said she was in Feltwell (countryside) and I ask why and she said she married an Airman!!!

Well, as you can imagine I nearly peed myself with excitement and immediately said my boo was graduating Friday. And we got to talking. It was awesome. I love randomly meeting girls like that.

That's all, just felt like sharing that. I know I'm a dork but I'm damn proud of it.

Jeremy is graduating this Friday and I'm not going of course. I'm patiently waiting till I can start to talk to him on webcam and we can finally work things out. Things seem good and my cousin who has been really supportive and understanding of all this says we're practically together without a title. I'm really hoping its not all too good to be true. But he did say we're going to make tons of memories together so... I don't see why not.

I'm so impatient though. Ah! I can't believe its here though. HE'S GRADUATING. My 8 1/2 weeks ARE over. And I'm really happy about that. :)

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Ah! 23! Congrats. Yeah, he's the one who got me into it. We did refer a friend and we got 3x experience and got both our new characters to 60 within like, two months. It was great. But I basically only played when he did so it took a while to get into it on my own. I LOVE that all you girls play. It makes me feel like less of a nerd too. Haha What realm are you on?

i LOVE wow! i have my warlock on his account so i gad to beg him not to suspend it while he's in basic. just got to level 23 :) i feel like less of a nerd now that i know you play too so thank you for this story lol

Hahaha I know! Jeremy suspended his since he's in basic, obviously, and I'm so lost without him in there. lol I never thought I'd get so into it. I love meeting girls on here that play. Its soo awesome. hahah

just gonna throw it out there... Dan got me into playing wow and when he suspended his account I actually missed it. reallly missed it!! haha you are NOT a nerd!!! :D

Thanks guys. :) It sucks being patient. Not knowing if I'll get a call from him this weekend or when he'll finally get internet. I'm hoping it's before I go to Berlin in two weeks cause that'll just be TOO LONG of a wait. And I hate that we can only talk via computer because I can't text or call overseas. I've already sent him like 10 short facebook messages since I can't write him letters anymore. lol I just know it'll work out but I want it to work out now! Hahaha I want to declare to everyone how proud I am of MY airman. I'll fly to Texas and kick his butt if he says he wants to wait till he gets back to make things official again. lol I'm just so impatiently waiting. But I'm starting Dear John today, so hopefully it wont make things worse and will just keep me busy. Thanks again guys. I'll be sure to update as soon as I have something to update with. lol

You'll be talking to him before you know it Allie. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys "webcammed" before the new week started lol.

Congratulationss Allie! That's so exciting :) Ugh i'm patiently waiting for the day that my 8 1/2 weeks come to and end..and i JUST set up skype so now we can communicate that way..eventhough i still don't really know how to work Lucky girl Lucky girl!! So happy for you

Congratulations emily! You must be so proud of Jeremy!! Your so lucky you get to start talking to him and sending texts so soon! Tony has 2 weeks from monday left, and i can't wait! i love meeting random girls as well!=) I am sure jeremy loves you and wants to be with you forever! i can't wait to hear how everything works out! Congratulations on making it 81/2 weeks!!! Your wait is finally over.. and I don't think your a dork! lOL!

Congrats Allie ! (: I'm so happy you guys will be able to talk/see each other in a short while. Good luck girl but I'm sure everything will be just great ! ! And you know I'm always here for you too (: