Help Asap Please!!

OMG im so mad and hurt right now..Leo went and made a facebook a few days ago and didnt tell me and didnt add me i found it on his email....he added a bunch of girls and a bunch of people he gets mad at me for even talking to guys.....i just yelled at him i hate him sooo much right now... I seriously dnt even think i want this relationship anymore this is ridiculious!! Im sooo upset my heart is beating out of my chest and im soo shakey!! Hes just a big hypicite and i cant stand him!! i told him i found it and hes like those r the girls i went to school with!! umm im not that mad bout that its that he didnt tell me or even add me!!! what should i do i need someone to calm me down!!!! =((((((

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Oh hun =( I bet this is so hard. I remember when I when i first signed up for facebook and he didn't add me but added all these random females. he was like he's collecting them. We had just broken up but claimed that he could still be friends. Its funny how the internet is another way for us to see how our men truly feel and treat us. I know its hard. To sternly address every issue you have with that. I always say that men are a bit ditsy when it comes to understanding a woman when she is "emotional" It's literally like another language to him. Calmly talking about this to him may help. <br />
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I hope everything works out for the best. Count to 10. I am the most emotional girl you EVER wanna meet and it helps me. ^_^

Man april. I am so sorry that this happened! i think that it is tottally wrong for him for have made a facebook without telling you/ adding you. I know that if tony made One i would be so mad if he didn't tell me because we deleted facebok and myspace before he left because we were getting so much drama! bUT ANYways, sorry i just know how you feel. I would wait till your calmed down.. I actually took a nap tonight to get things off my mind and i woke up in a better mood. Or take a nice told bath, and just forget about the world.. Lol. Or to get some anger out play a game Like on the Wii., Then try and talk to him about it. Nothing will get solved when your mad.. and i don't know about your b/f but i know when i am mad and i try to talk to tony it never works out.. I always have to wait untill i am calmed down a lot. I am sure there is no reall reason as to why he is avoiding it.. but the fact he is avoiding it makes him see suspicious like he is hiding something. i would seriously tell him you you deserve a reason why he did it and didn't add you. Don't kill yourself thinking about it.. Just calm down and try talking to him about it. Keep us posted and good luck=)

Awhh hun :( Just tell him that you know he's avoiding the question and that you at least deserve a clear answer as to why he did it.

thx that all really helps<br />
and alsoo i keep asking him why he did it and he just keeps avoiding the question =(

Well, the fact that he made a facebook and added a bunch of girls without adding you first is unacceptable..but men can be completely oblivious at times and just plain dumb when it comes to considering someone else's feelings. Your really upset right now so I would suggest taking some time to cool down before you talk to him again..when you do, make sure that he knows that he really hurt you. Give him time to explain his side of the story, then tell him that you feel like he's using double standards for telling you that you can't talk to boys but he can talk to girls. Most likely he'll realize that he's wrong and apologize. Like I said before..he probably wasn't TRYING to hide it from you, but it may seem that way. Take some time..relax..let him explain his side of the story when your not SUPER P O'd at him, and then your mind will be clear enough to discern whether he's being shady or not. :) I'm sure you guys will work everything out..but don't throw your relationship that you've been working so hard at away because of an assumption. He may have a good explanation, just hear him out before you do anything permanent. Until then..Starbucks Mocha coffee ice cream is my favorite highly recommended in times of extreme stress..go take your mind off of it for a while. :)

Aww April ): First of all, I know it's hard but please calm down hun. Katie is right. You need to talk to him CALMLY about it and ask why he did it without telling you and without adding you. Tell him it hurt you that he was sneaking around about it and try not to yell at him again....unless he really does have a wrong intention lol. I really hope you two work this out girl !